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In game text - English, French, Spanish Latin, Portuguese Brazil
Commentary - English, Chinese, French, Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Argentine), Spanish (Chilean).

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eFootball PES 2020 Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Are you a big fan of football, Barca, Messi, and Iniesta? EFootball PES 2020 is the ultimate sports game for you. Experience the most engaging football game ever, feel the ball as you never did before and start dribbling like a pro. All in this one is perfectly fit with reality and all the moves and all the tricks are so tuned with real life and make you feel so good when holding that controller and kicking your opponents.


The gameplay is so authentic and filled with a finesse that you can't even believe it sometimes, the kicks, the attack, the tackling, and other techniques amaze you with every touch of the ball and it feels like you are there. The expertise of the famous Andres Iniesta is accountable for all the good sensations when playing eFootball Pes 2020.


Choose to have so much fun when choosing to join forces either with novices or veterans in the match of dominance where each one has to prove he is the best. Champions are champions and the best will be decided only when the competition is varied enough to facilitate stars playing correctly against each other at their level of expertise.


The Master League is another feature that has to blow your mind. The way the menu is user optimized, the interactive dialogue system and the transfer market that gives you the liberty to manage your resources wisely and feel like a real professional while playing. Data integration also gives a super nice experience.


Choose to build a career with the squad that you fancy the most, or join championships from all around the world to play against the most renowned clubs. Or, if you are so experienced and really want to challenge your skills, play along with the teams rated the lowest against the high rated ones, just to know how much value you really put into the gameplay.


The game designed by professionals surely feels professional when played and it almost feels that the game has no other serious opponent. It is addictive and never boring and gives you the sensation of sport just as you like it - free, realistic, enjoyable and fun.


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Score 4.4 / 5 based on 15375 reviews

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