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F1 2019 Legends Edition Senna & Prost PS4 PS5

Have you ever heard about the most famous rivalry in F1 history? If you are a Formula One fan, then you know about Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, two of the most famous drivers of all times in all motorsports. Their story became a legend and the races have been now replayed in F1 2019 Legends Edition Senna & Prost PS4 & PS5 Game. This racing game comes as a celebration and a reminder of the ones who have made history in the game and who have had the greatest rivalry F1 has ever seen.


You will get to drive Aryton Senna and actually get in his shoes and feel the adrenaline behind the wheel in his well-known 1990 McLaren MP4/5B and you can also wear the clothes of Prost and accelerate in his Ferrari F1-90 during eight-race challenges. Also, you have to be excited about the fact that you can receive car liveries for multiplayer sessions and choose Senna and Prost themes as you personalize your vintage experience.


The battle between the two legends actually put the basis of the rivalry between the two houses of McLaren and Ferrari and started the professional conflict that actually prevails upon these days. The two mastodons always wanted to prove supremacy in car design, speed handling and also in driver experience and talent, which of course led to the skyrocketing growth of the speeds shown on the tracks.


Along with the speeds rising, the F1 professionals excelled in the pit-time spent when changing wheels for example. At the same time, along with performance, the issue of safety became as important as the race itself. The tragic death of the two legends featured in this antique racing game was the breaking point when safety was massively improved and the legend transformed the sport into a beautiful art once again.


Choose to enjoy the speed, the legend, the story, and the cars, while in the safety of your home and experience the visual improvements and the details of 2019 technology while performing at your best in the 90s through all the 21 challenges featured from the entire championship. Make Prost and Senna proud of your skills and your driving, worthy of their names in the race.


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