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Experience the world of racing like you never did before! GRID brings you the unbelievable wheel-to-wheel racing feeling at a new level that any motorsport gamer would dream about it. There is no rival and no defeat; the return of GRID delivers an all-new epic episode of the steering feeling with a new storyline that gives you the chance to redefine what you used to know.


The feeling of wanting to create your path and not letting it be chosen for you is now granted through the amazing feature of embarking on the journey that you desire and being a creator yourself. Every one of us has their own story, their moment-to-moment race they live in, their experiences and their fears, and now GRID gives you the unique opportunity to draw your storyline as you wish, and defeat all barriers and all blockages that you usually encounter. Feel free to describe your way of picturing life through the wheels and the design that you always imagined and become the conquer of the world of racing by becoming the elite champion of the journey you choose.


Find your call in the GRID World Series and show your skills in the tight battles all over the world. You can now not only visit but feel the surrounding of the most iconic locations in the world and make your long-lasting dreams come true. Choose from the most wanted and well-known race cars, classic or current, from GT to Touring and Muscle to Stock and Super Modified. Take your imagination to the next level and let it be free when you make your choice of action and customize your car as it resembles as much as it can the inner power and superiority that you uphold within yourself.


Bring your heart and soul into the race and feel every ounce of adrenaline running through your veins while you succeed in dangerous overtakes or inevitable bumps that scrape the paint and steel off your competitor's hearts. Experience the lights-out, the thrill of reaching the black-and-white symbol of success, and resist through the envious rivalries. Help your team-mates and defeat anyone and everyone, while balancing with the unreal nemesis from whom you never know what to expect. It will stretch your heart and sometimes offer help, but sometimes try to interfere with your growth and progress.


Get your heart racing and start experiencing the motorsport adrenaline that you desire with GRID, the ultimate racing game.

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