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Madden NFL 21 PS4 PS5

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Madden NFL 21 PS4 PS5

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So, Rise To Fame in Madden NFL 21.

A new generation is leaving its mark on the NFL. Will you be able to rise to the occasion? Change the game and take complete control of your legacy.

Madden NFL 21 delivers new features and modes, including...

  • The face of the Franchise: Rise To Fame, you can become immortalized in Maddens NFL 21 as you transcend NFL history and by doing so shape your path to greatness
  • Take control: Master innovative running enhancements and live playbooks to run up the score in Madden NFL 21.
  • X-Factor 2.0: New X-Factor abilities that are fresh out of the lab, are designed to elevate the stars from a new generation of Madden NFL 21

Your Very Own Personally Customized Avatar
Let us look at some of the new features that arrive along with Madden NFL 21 as one of the games that for me fall into the death and taxes category, Madden NFL always seems to pull another new mode out of the bag just in time for the game's release. This year's offering is the ingenious The Yard. This is an opportunity to create and design your very own personal customized avatar, it lets you express your individuality and build a player that represents you. You can dress your avatar in some of the freshest gear that has ever appeared in any of the editions of Madden NFL you can collect Rep to build your Rank as you advance and then earn Cred to unlock even more fantastic gear, Cred is the all-new currency that is used in The Yard. You can earn Cred by tackling various challenges and amassing points and wins. The Gear Store is where you go to swap out your avatar with some of the best cosmetics that the game has ever seen, then build your Rep, rise through the ranks of Madden fans and hold the bragging rights with all your friends and against people from all over the world.

A Festival Especially for Those European Fans
There have been some brand-new locations added that is just for The Yard, in some amazing places globally. Imagine playing a casual game of football right in front of the legendary Brandenburg Gate, to match the way that the NFL is expanding internationally across the world, especially in Europe where it has gained a foothold and some genuine popularity in Germany, thus they have included a festival, especially for those European fans. So scrum down in front of the iconic arch and enjoy this special showcase of the great game that has some of the best teams and likewise some great players to choose from. Forward Operating Base Nico is a classified location as it is the host to America's armed forces and where the troops can have some downtime on a rough and ready pitch, throwing the ball and having a little intense competition never hurt anybody, much, then you can test yourself against some of the greatest players that the NFL has ever seen.

With the obvious upgrades in quality that the Next-Gen consoles give you, familiar gameplay and updated rosters that come with Madden NFL 21 but add to that the brand new The Yard which is so much fun to play and very rewarding with the new monetary system called the Cred, there is so much brilliant stuff to deck out your avatar with and interesting places to play. Madden NFL 21 refreshes the franchise and prepares it for the next-gen revolution that is coming.


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