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Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time PS4 PS5

Become the legendary Samurai Jack, Who is probably the mightiest warrior of all time, join him as he journeys through time to thwart the malignant empire of Aku in this riveting new adventure that is told by the co-creators of Samurai Jack. Voiced by the original cast, Samurai Jack Battles Through Time is an enjoyable action platform game that spans across space and time when your decisions in the game will create a new legend. An original adventure that links to the enthralling series finale, team up with your allies and have the confidence to go up against familiar foes. Discover the varying worlds and unforgettable moments from the popular series as you travel to an ominous future to rescue humankind, and journey to the past to battle against devilish monsters. As you discover your fate as you travel across time and space. Create, master, and equip over twelve deadly weapons and use them in combat and power up even more by training to increase and unlock new skills that will support your individual playing style.

Stays True to the Original Adult Swim Television Series
Can you believe it? The last time that a Samurai jack game was released, it was on the PS2. That was way back in the year 2004, Samurai Jack, The Shadow of Aku. The game has a brand-new developer Soleil who has left no stone unturned to improve the Series from where their predecessors left off nearly twenty years ago. Staying true to the original Adult Swim television series all your favorite voice talent return, with the unforgettable vocal talent of Phil LaMarr bringing our protagonist Samurai Jack once more to life, John DiMaggio as the iconic Scotsman, and Tara Strong brilliantly voicing Ashi, who is tasked with the role that has her guiding Jack and leads him on his journey to find and eliminate once and for all, the mega evil baddie and infamous despot Aku who is portrayed by actor Gregg Baldwin. For fans of the TV series, it will be a lovely stroll down memory lane as you hack, bash and slash your way through familiar locations, and come up against familiar enemies.

Stunning Stylized Graphics and the Complex Combo System
Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time might be based on a classic TV series and mimics the iconic style of animation that we have become familiar with but despite that nostalgic appeal the gameplay itself is anything but, the nine individual areas from a graveyard to a bombed-out city that you will encounter along your fun-packed journey are all packed full of adversaries, massive boss battles, and huge 30-1 fights are incredibly accurate and detailed facsimiles of actual most popular scenarios from the Adult Swim series, but then the stunning stylized graphics and the complex combo system are comparable to any next-gen game so in truth, you get the best of both worlds. It has all your favorite characters make an appearance from the show, so you get to welcome back well-known characters like Scotsman and Sir Rothchild the dog explorer, as well as the Witch Hag and the Imakandi tribe. So step back in time and bring a conclusion to the terrific story of Samurai Jack.

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