Terms of Sale

Last Updated:  November 3, 2016

BuyGames.PS ('we' or 'us') makes products available for purchase through our website and mobile applications. Your purchase of any BuyGames.PS product is governed by these Terms of Sale ('Terms').  Your purchase of a Vendorís game, described in Section 1.1 below, is governed by the applicable terms and conditions of that gift card and these Terms will cease to apply at the time of such purchase.  Your use of the BuyGames.PS websites and mobile applications is governed by our Terms of Service [see http://www.BuyGames.PS.com/terms-of-service].  

These Terms are a legal agreement between you ('you',or 'your') and BuyGames.PS.  By purchasing BuyGames.PS products and/or clicking to 'Accept' these Terms where that option is made available to you, you agree to be bound by these Terms.  If you do not agree to these Terms, do not make any purchases from BuyGames.PS.

BuyGames.PS reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove all or part of these Terms at any time and in our sole discretion. If we make changes to these Terms, we will provide notice of such changes by posting such changes on our websites or mobile applications and updating the 'Last Updated' date at the top of these Terms. We encourage you to review these Terms each time you make a purchase from BuyGames.PS to ensure you understand the terms and conditions that apply to such purchase. Your continued use of BuyGames.PS products indicates your acceptance of any changes to the Terms.

1. BuyGames.PS Products

1.1  PlayStation User Account containing Digital Games.  Our websites and mobile applications allow you to buy and sell PlayStation User Account containing Digital Games. The Playstation Account will be initially containing one or more digital games or applications .

Game Vendor Terms and Liability.   Game(s) purchased via our websites or mobile applications are issued and activated by participating third-party individuals, retailers and vendors (collectively 'Vendors'). Your purchase of each Account will be governed by certain terms and conditions established by the issuing Vendor.  Depending on the applicable law of your jurisdiction and the promotional nature of certain Gift Cards, Vendors may set expiration dates for such Gift Cards, in addition to other restrictions and requirements. You should review and familiarize yourself with all applicable Vendor terms and conditions prior to purchasing any Game. If you have questions regarding the applicable Vendor terms, please contact the issuing Vendor.

As issuers of the Games, Vendors (and not BuyGames.PS) are fully responsible for all aspects of their programs. Vendors are also responsible for any and all liabilities, damages and costs suffered by you or any other customer in connection with your purchase and use of their Game. While BuyGames.PS strives to work with reputable and verified Vendors, BuyGames.PS has no liability for (i) the sale of products or services to you by a Vendor through the use of any Game; and (ii) any Vendor's failure to honor the continuity of support for a Game. You will need to look solely to the Vendor for any remedy in connection with the foregoing issues.

User account Errors. We attempt to be as accurate as possible and to eliminate errors on the products that we sale; however, BuyGames.PS does not represent or warrant that any User Account and information about the User Account (including the description, Vendor information or pricing information) provided is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. In the event of an error, in an order confirmation, in processing a User Account purchase or otherwise, we reserve the right to correct such error and revise your order accordingly (including charging the correct price) or to cancel the order and refund any amount charged.

2. Disclaimers

    In addition to the disclaimers, limits on liability and indemnification obligations set forth in the Terms of Service, which apply to these Terms and are incorporated herein by this reference, you waive and release BuyGames.PS and its subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, employees and agents from any liabilities, damages and costs arising from or related to (i) your loss or the theft of any BuyGames.PS product; and (ii) any act or omission of a Vendor in connection with a User Account it provides.  


    With respect to the BuyGames.PS products, risk of loss and title for such products pass to you when you complete your purchase of the applicable product. BuyGames.PS is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from stolen or lost BuyGames.PS product or any use of your BuyGames.PS product without your permission. BuyGames.PS is not responsible for replacing your damaged or lost BuyGames.PS product.


    BuyGames.PS and its licensees, affiliates, and licensors make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the BuyGames.PS products, including without limitation, any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


    All BuyGames.PS products are freely transferable within the USA and World Wide,

These disclaimers and limitations may or may not apply to you and are void where prohibited.

3. Payment Options

When making a purchase on the websites or a mobile application, BuyGames.PS accepts various forms of payment, including by Payment Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Bitcoin. Unless otherwise indicated, the denominated value of the BuyGames.PS product will be billed in full at the time you purchase, and BuyGames.PS provides, the BuyGames.PS product.  By making the purchase, you acknowledge that you are authorized to use the designated Payment Card or other payment method and you authorize us to charge your purchase order to that Payment Card or other payment method. When you provide your payment information, you authorize us (or a third party payment processor) to process and store your payment and related information. In the event that the Payment Card or other payment method you designate cannot be verified, is invalid or is not otherwise acceptable, we may suspend or cancel your order automatically. Payment Card processing fees may apply even if the Payment Card has expired or changed by the time BuyGames.PS submits the charges. You are responsible for resolving any problem we encounter in order to proceed with your order.

4. Taxes

With respect to the User Account that you purchase on the website or mobile applications, the amount paid for any User Account does not include sales, value added or use taxes, which may be charged to you separately by the applicable Vendor at the time you purchase products or services from the Vendor using the User Account.

5. BuyGames.PS Points

You will earn BuyGames.PS Points on the purchase of a BuyGames.PS product.  Please see the Terms of Service [at http://www.BuyGames.PS.com/terms-of-service] for details.  

6. Cancellations; No Returns

All purchases made on the websites or mobile applications are final. Purchased User Accounts are non-returnable and non-refundable, provided, however, that if a User Account does not function, we may, in our sole discretion, either refund you the User Account purchase amount or replace the defective User Account with an alternative User Account or with products or services of equal value. If you have any questions or problems with your order, please contact [email protected]

7. Excluded Users and Territories

You are not permitted to make purchases from BuyGames.PS if you are (i) located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any country to which the United States has embargoed goods or services; (ii) identified as a 'Specially Designated Nationality' or (iii) placed on the U.S. Department of Commerce is Denied Persons List or Entity Listî or any other U.S. export control list.

8. Privacy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information about how we collect, use and disclose information and data [see http://www.BuyGames.PS.com/privacy].

9. Severability

If any provision of these Terms shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

10. Waiver

Enforcement of the Terms is solely in our discretion and our failure to enforce a provision in some instances does not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce such provision in other instances.

11. All games are in English. If you wish to know if this game is available in other languages please contact our Live Chat Support BEFORE buying. You are not entitled to receive a refund based on the fact the game is not supporting your desired language if you have not been previously confirmed by our operators that the game supports it.

12. Guarantee

All games have LIFETIME guarantee. If the customer changes the login id (email) of the game account, the guarantee becomes void. 

13. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Terms or the BuyGames.PS products, please contact us at: [email protected], [email protected] or contact our Live Chat Support using the button on our main page.

Zusätzliche Bedingungen; EULAs

Wenn Sie die Dienste von G2A Pay, die von der Firma G2A.COM Limited (hiernach der „G2A Pay-Dienstleister“ genannt) für den Einkauf auf unserer Website in Anspruch nehmen, wird die Verantwortung in Bezug auf Ihren Einkauf zunächst an G2A.COM Limited übertragen, bevor die Ware an Sie ausgeliefert wird. Der G2A Pay-Dienstleister übernimmt die primäre Verantwortung – mit unserer Hilfe – für die Bezahlung und den mit der Bezahlung verbundenen Kundendienst. Die Bedingungen, die zwischen dem G2A Pay-Dienstleister und den Kunden gelten, die die Dienste von G2A Pay in Anspruch nehmen, werden durch separate Vereinbarungen festgelegt und unterliegen nicht den Bedingungen, die auf dieser Website angegeben sind.

In Bezug auf die Kunden, die ihre Einkäufe über den Checkout des G2A Pay-Dienstleisters abwickeln, (i) gelten für alle Zahlungsvorgänge die Datenschutzrichtlinien des G2A Pay-Dienstleisters, welche vor einem etwaigen Einkauf gelesen werden sollten, und (ii) gelten für alle Zahlungen die Erstattungsrichtlinien des G2A Pay-Dienstleisters, es sei denn, dass zuvor den Käufern seitens des betreffenden Verkäufers ausdrücklich etwas anderes mitgeteilt wird. Darüber hinaus kann es sein, dass der Erwerb bestimmter Produkte erfordert, dass die Kunden einer oder mehreren Endbenutzer-Lizenzvereinbarungen (oder auch „EULAs“ genannt) zustimmen, die zusätzliche Bestimmungen enthalten können, die vom Lieferanten – und nicht von uns oder dem G2A Pay-Dienstleister – festgelegt werden. Sie sind an alle EULAs gebunden, denen Sie zustimmen.

Wir und/oder die Händler, die ihre Produkte über unsere Website vertreiben, indem sie die Dienste von G2A Pay in Anspruch nehmen, sind primär für die Garantie/Gewährleistung, die Wartung/Instandhaltung sowie den technischen oder Produktsupport verantwortlich. Wir und/oder die Händler, die ihre Produkte über unsere Website vertreiben, sind primär für alle Pflichten in Zusammenhang mit der Erfüllung der Aufträge gegenüber den Benutzern und für die EULAs, die vom Endkunden abgeschlossen werden, verantwortlich. Der G2A Pay-Dienstleister ist primär dafür verantwortlich, Ihnen die Zahlung zu ermöglichen.

Sie tragen alle Gebühren, Steuern und andere Kosten, die mit dem Kauf und der Lieferung der erworbenen Waren verbunden sind, und die sich aus den Lasten ergeben, die Ihnen in Verbindung mit Ihrem Verhältnis mit den Zahlungsdiensten auferlegt werden, oder die vom Zoll oder von einer anderen Behörde in Ihrem Land erhoben werden.

In Bezug auf Anfragen oder Unstimmigkeiten im Zusammenhang mit dem Kundendienst können Sie unter der Adresse [email protected] per E-Mail Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen. Fragen in Bezug auf Zahlungen, über den G2A Pay-Dienstleister geleistet werden, sollten an [email protected] gerichtet werden.

Wo es möglich ist, werden wir mit Ihnen und/oder jeden einzelnen Benutzer zusammenarbeiten, der auf unserer Website etwas verkauft, um Konflikte im Zusammenhang mit Ihrem Einkauf zu lösen.


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