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Remembering the lost hearts
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE takes you back to revisit the most heartbreaking stories of the past. After the destruction of Sector 7, the game begins with the sadness and emptiness of the ruins and the lives that have been lost there in Midgars streets. When roaming around the memories of something that has been so badly broken, all that comes to heart is fear, sadness, and the violin striking hollow notes… However, these bad memories have a development role in fact. The fact that you can at one moment achieve acceptance and integration of what has happened, then it means that you have acquired what is needed to start creating a new way in life, cherishing what you have lost, but acting and going forward as if nothing was there in the first place.
That is exactly what FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE does… It begins with the story of loss and exquisitely build a whole new and beyond imagination story much more detailed and interesting that you even come to think that the first one never even existed.
The plot
The booming Mission is the one that respectfully opens the series of amazing missions that are built in the story of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. It carries you into a more detailed and more deep world that reveals perspectives that you never considered. The same exact thing can happen also in real life. You meet certain people or have different experiences that put you in the position of seeing all of your past with different eyes. They lead you into dungeons and unvisited areas of your environment, but also of your soul and encourage you to find those things that make you proud and ambitious. The crew of freedom fighters that you choose to join will help you win money and also do good, so all the familiar elements now have a fresh approach.
The gameplay is quite unique in this old fashioned game and brings value to the player by providing enhancements for every character that has a unique skill at no cost. The strategic use of characters is improved and the leveling up is once again more feasible and pleasant to use. The magical elements, the fluidity of fights and encounters make FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE a definite worth trying.
The most amazing thing is the fact that in each of the characters that you choose is a skill that you wish to manifest, and in this game of fantasy can be transformed into anything that you desire. Your wishes and personality will blend so nicely into the characters in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE that every attempt of re-experiencing the last version of Final Fantasy is now diminished in value and interest.
The enemies that you fight are determined to do the most vicious things to you, meaning that you have to be utterly careful in this one. This remake is so full of details, fresh perspectives and facets of the world that you once experienced in Final Fantasy VII that when you play you absolutely forget that this game was ever different, you just taste the nostalgia and go into something so much exciting.

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