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Gran Turismo 7 PS4

On its 25th anniversary, Polyphony Digital has released the latest addition to the GT Franchise. Gran Turismo 7, the completely, lifelike driving simulator, is back and in form. You will be able to drive any of the 400 classic motors and desirable supercars at your disposal right from the get-go, each of which has been lovingly recreated with never before seen almost photographic detail. With over 90 routes and tracks for you to navigate, all the environments are enhanced with unpredictable changeable weather conditions. Then with the iconic GT Simulation Mode being reintroduced redesigned and revamped, you can once again buy, tune, race, and sell your way through an enthralling solo campaign, and you will be rewarded with new cars and missions. For those of you that like to go head to head against other people, test yourself with GT Sport Mode.

Old and New May Have Catching up to Do
To novices and veterans alike to Gran Turismo 7, there is sure to be a bit of catching up to do as this is the first completely new game in quite a few years, so the introduction of the new GT Café will be of great assistance with its specific menus that give a player certain objectives to complete, race, and be rewarded by unlocking gift vehicles and competing in much longer championships, plus you can customize and even take great detailed high-quality photos of your cars. When you have completed each menu, the manager of the café, Luca, will give you a brief history of each vehicle that you have managed to unlock in that particular menu, allowing you to not only drive these brilliant classic cars but learn a little about them as you go along.

Make Your Car Look Fantastic and Unique
If like me, you love to customize your ride, then you might completely lose yourself in the Customization Suite, there are a terrific amount of upgrades for tuning, improving, and generally making your car look fantastic and unique, So let's take a brief look at the statistics, more than 1200 different customized paint jobs 130 types of wheel rims also and an extra 160 aerodynamic add-ons to drastically improve your ride, that is not to mention the incredible variety of tuning options that vary from the just standard to the totally outlandish extreme. You can literally spend hours pottering about to make your own unique Gran Turismo supercar racer.

The Game is Quite Stunningly Beautiful
Although there are some predictable differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions of Gran Turismo 7, like faster loading times, graphics upgrades, and haptic feedback for the DualSense controller, thankfully the game has no discernible differences in gameplay, in fact, I would go as far as to say that on both consoles the game is great fun to play and is also quite stunningly beautiful. The pinpoint acceleration and intuitive breaking that are needed to maintain the racing line are as testing as ever. This is not a racing game where you just have to put your accelerator pedal to the floor then brake as hard as you can going into a corner before crushing the accelerator once again, it is so much more subtlety involved but with a little practice, you will be mastering it without any problems. Polyphony Digital has also included a vast variety of game modes so that the enjoyment seems to never end.

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