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NHL 22 Xbox One

The Frostbite engine brings a massive visual upgrade to the Xbox One that dramatically enhances realism.
Key game stats and information are projected directly onto environmental surfaces in the game through an augmented reality-like visual package.
The all-new player animations exclusive to X-Factor abilities add more dynamic action on the ice during key moments like Pickups, Deflections, Protecting the Puck, and many more.
Superstar X-Factors allow you to unleash unique player abilities.
Players are assigned one Zone ability that defines them, giving them a more unique ability that sets them apart from the competition.
HUT is an NHL 22 game mode that allows you to create your fantasy lineup of NHL players, alumni, and icons and compete with the online.
Build your own custom player and then compete across a variety of modes including EASHL, Ones and Threes arcade.
The Be A Pro experience gives you the chance to live the life of an NHL player, both on and off the ice. Build your dynasty across multiple seasons in Franchise Mode as you take the helm of your favorite NHL team or create the expansion team of your dreams.

The main emphasis of NHL 22 on the Xbox One is the new X-Factor system, it is incorporated into all the different modes of the game, it gives certain marks to the top players in NHL 22 for their specific skill sets, and gives them a passive statistics boost. From the one-timer of Ovechkin or the snapshot of Eichel. There are fundamental classifications for the things that the player excels at. There are defensive and shooting skills, then there are ones for movement/dekes, and also there are those for the goalies. Basically, when a player is in a specific situation, the X-Factors give them a large bonus to their performance. Each player has his own main X-Factor and some minor ones as well. An icon will appear above the head of the player when his X-factor is available.

In the online mode of NHL 22, the changes are more pronounced like in the Hockey Ultimate Team, as you complete a squad of players by collecting packs and controlling the team's abilities that become activated when you pick enough players in your roster that have that skill. There is a wide variety of HUT modes to pick from, such as the Arcade Style or a real NHL tier competition. It takes relatively a short amount of time to concoct a great team due to the unique aspects of the HUT especially compared to other games, There are free daily packs, Objectives, and milestones, plus rewards for collecting sets that get you more packs to open.

New Graphics Package
NHL 22 has had a smooth change over to the Frostbite engine, it succeeds in uniting all the great stuff from last year's game while introducing the all-new X-Factor system which is a game-changer, having to reflect on different things while you play in Franchise mode or online. When you get onto the ice which with the new graphics package look truly amazing there is a lovely warm feeling as the gameplay is instantly recognizable, but you will not fail to notice the new silky movement on the ice the stick puck physics-based improvements, and at last referees that are a bit more lenient. EA Sports are experts in rejuvenating improving and enhancing your favorite sporting games and with NHL 22 they have surpassed themselves.

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