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Trials of Mana PS4 PS5

A good remake?
Like all things that are a remake of something that used to be cool,  Trials of Mana tries to impress our time as did the ancestor Secrets of Mana. Will it rise up to the challenge, will it impress you? It will indeed! Even though the game has some of the features and the narrative of the old game, Trials of Mana exquisitely plays high-quality screens, surroundings, characters, and play overall.
Even though it sets the bar up for any adventure game and tends to make an appeal to the nostalgic feeling of re-visiting some beloved old toy, it really also aims to conquer the hearts on new players that have never met the story before and that have to fall in love for the first time with the fantastic world of fairy tales.
Gameplay and accessibility
To be honest, the positioning of the tabs, and the fact that you can easily switch the whole behavior and magic you use is gold. You have to stay alive and defeat danger, so being able to swing through what you need right in the very moment you need it is essential.  As many have noticed, any adventure has its adrenaline parts that are immersive and fun, the strategic ones that put logic to work, but also there are frustration and anger that follow us along when you cannot indeed strike the objective you have set. If an adventure game provides that feeling at just the right amount, then it is definitely a desirable one, and Trials of Mana does exactly that. Anything above or below can be either annoying or boring. Of course, it depends on the skills you possess, but nevertheless…
The combat systems are upgraded and responsive and the special moves are nice to make and to master. Keeping everyone safe is a treasure, so the battles are rewarded with experience and privilege.
Characters and storyline
Trials of Mana presents the most beloved fairy tale characters in a realistic, playful, and colorful way that keeps you engaged only to find out what kind of magic will you be using or how each character can be upgraded to another level. You have to wisely use the experience you collect and transform your heroes into their best version in order to complete your mission and defeat all enemies that present in your path.
The storyline makes use of some of the old incentives and I believe it makes a blast out of it. The constant mystery and adventurous mood you get into once you start playing are mind-blowing and it gives you what you most certainly need - to get caught in one truly fantastic world where all things are possible and where all harm is magical and all power is attainable.
Exquisite graphics, interesting boss rides, and mysterious dungeons are all constructed in a well designed luxurious world. The customization of the characters gets you to play with and enjoy the variations of minimum and maximum power as you basically can cast high power spells as you like, but the choice is important. Choose the most feasible strategy and heal well until you acquire so much strength and become immune to magical attacks, even bosses.


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