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Text language - english, French, italian, german, Espanol, Portugues, ploskie, russian
Dialogue - english, French, italian, german, Espanol, Portugues, ploskie, russian

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Darksiders Genesis PS4 PS5

Darksiders Genesis for PS4 & PS5 is an action RPG game that has the purpose of offering some fresh perspectives and light to war and combat. When talking about evil, every person will say and actually believe that evil is in others and not in themselves and that the real evil is like in Darksiders Genesis, some monsters and bosses from another realm, that must be defeated or else we are doomed.
However, the different perspective lies in the fact that evil actually exists in each and every one of us and it is not a secret that in order to succeed we have to find, fight and transform that evil into something so functional that it can even lead us in life or shed some new light upon what has happened in the past, upon what we live in the presents and upon the desires for the future that we have launched as intentions.
Darksiders Genesis also manages to keep a taste of a traditional action game, that insidiously finds its way to war and melee combat. Traditional is good though, it brings comfort, space, and bondage. Religions all over the globe have taught us that traditions really matter if you wish to keep people dedicated to a cause and emotionally bound and faithful. As a parallel to real life, while in religious life traditions keep the spark glowing for thousands of years, that is what they also do in relationships with our partners. The spark, like any real spark, tends to fade away as we get older in relationships and it is normal to be carried away by the comfort and never want to lift a finger.
That is why traditional combat is so damn important! Because it forms a very strong bond between the player and the game, but also the bond with similar tastes. The advantage of this is that the game has a multiplayer mode that can bring joy to some of your friends as well.
The puzzles
The logical and thinking part of the Darksiders Genesis PS4 & PS5 Game is also an important feature that can make your days more interesting. Not many people enjoy this kind of logical quest and many will choose to go back to combat immediately, but the fact is that the insertions of logic into the dark side really make a difference.
The most amazing is how the biggest puzzles in life you will solve by yourself or else they will come right back and give you a serious headache once again until you have the courage to help yourself. Truly amazing is that Darksiders Genesis melts these two sides so good that you always rest wanting for more.
You have to take action now and fill your surroundings with joy and happiness and join the adventure of the two Horsemen that have to complete each task in order to go from one area to another. The characterization of the surroundings and the action that takes place is really well mastered and has a twist and style that will keep you in action each time you boot Darksiders Genesis. So be sure to have a blast with this one!

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