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DEATH STRANDING Digital Deluxe Edition PS4 PS5

Experience the new open-world action video game created by the famous and legendary Kojima production house, a brand new and unbelievable genre-defying play mode.
Do you want your world to be turned upside down by the unbelievable Sam Bridges? Death Stranding is now here to transform and redefine the reality that you know by reconnecting you with the magical liaison between life and death.
Transcending in the future completely disrupted from its roots, you desperately try to add up the remaining of the universe you sometimes knew. The game offers you the unique opportunity to take into your own hands the mission of putting back together with the pieces of a shattered reality and solve the mystery of humanity.
The memorable journey in which you choose to embark, brings you to meet fierce less creatures, and spectral characters and a future that humanity would never expect. Threats fill the landscape defined by the mass extinction that Sam can only imagine. Through your strategically and ruthless choice of action, you can achieve the final and most rewarding goal of rescuing humanity from imminent extinction. The annihilation that humans impede is in your hands now, and you can run along in this fantastic mission through Sam Bridge's character.
The question that remains unanswered is what amazing experiences you will encounter next, and what does the progression in this world will bring you? Are you ready to unravel the mystery of Death Stranding and its unique features that will make your efforts worthwhile, and that will bring you the answers you need in your life?
The parallel that links this spectrum of life and the meaningful connection between the future and the past will help you discover abilities that you never even dreamed of having. It will train you in finding the secrets of an unbelievably real future that bring to light, magnificent capabilities of your character and your strategic thinking.
Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 created this masterpiece shooter to give you the genuine adventure that you were searching. It brings you the most wanted characters like Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner.
Choose to experience Death Stranding, the ultimate shooter game for PS4 & PS5 that will help you to find out the unexpected link between life and death, and every frightful element that comes with it.

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