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MotoGP 21 Xbox One

Take your spot on the MotoGP™ 21 starting grid and get ready for the most realistic and captivating game ever to be created as a racing simulation, it is way above all other competitors. Enjoy all the best aspects of MotoGP™, Moto2™, and Moto3™ events and live the fascinating life of a professional rider, so choose from the 120 unique riders and race on over 20 tracks, with the latest updates and upgrades to the special features, to experience an unprecedented level of realism including the very first time that you get to discover the Long Lap Penalty. Play as one of the forty most iconic ever riding greats that are available to you, along with their historic bikes for a one-off spectacular experience.

Take Complete Control of Your Rider
MotoGP™ 21 gives you so many varied choices as you take complete control of your rider's managerial career, picking whether to create your racing team or select one of the official teams that are represented in the game. Hire your works team staff who will assist you through the season and your career, giving you great advice about your contract negotiations and bike development. Once you have made your way to the top of the rankings, you can create your very own Junior Team and control every aspect of running your brand. Get everything under control as you manage every small detail of the race because, every choice that you make, matters. Keep an eye on your fuel levels, brake temperatures and tire wear to get the most out of your riding style and race conditions.

Most Exciting and Realistic Ever Race Simulation
Put on your leathers and get yourself ready for the most exciting and realistic ever race simulation, you can't push too much, or you will lose the back and have to rush to get it back on the track as every second counts. Whether it is your riding technique or your own personally designed look, MotoGP™ 21 is all about style and showing the world your individuality as you customize everything from your livery helmet and suit to your race number in the 5 major graphics editors. The return of the neural machine learning AI that has been developed to create the most exciting competitions using the newly designed A.N.N.A. Go up against your mates in online events that are smooth and lag-free, the competitions are also customizable in Race Director Mode.

New Standout Features this Season
MotoGP™ 21 takes a great leap forward from previous versions, new standout features this season such as bike retrieval where when you lose control and are catapulted off the bike and across the track is now more realistic, instead of just waiting until you come to a halt and then respawning before continuing the race, you now have to guide your rider to the bike and then remount before continuing. Another factor is the brake temperatures swap out your disc brakes to alter how hot your brakes run, too hot or too cold will adversely affect your bike's performance and damage your chances of winning. Finally, the long lap penalty becomes a factor, so when riders jump the start, cut corners, or any other actions that give them an unfair advantage, they will be punished by having to complete an extended section of the track, so after you have received 4 warnings on the fifth the rider will be given 4 laps to ride through the added section of the track, which can cost them several positions in the race.

There are Hours of Fun to be Had With
MotoGP™ 21 is advancing, through its great new features, amazing graphics, sound upgrades, and intuitive gameplay has made the franchise even more realistic and more enjoyable to play, with all the fantastic features there are hours of fun to be had with a game that is the gold standard of racing simulations.


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