Reduced price! Dying Light 2 Stay Human PS4 PS5

Dying Light 2 Stay Human PS4 PS5

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human PS4 PS5

Explore a City in Decay
The virus has won and civilization has returned to the dark ages. The city, one of the last settlements of humanity, is on the brink of destruction. Use your agility and combat skills to survive and to transform the world. Your every decision matters!
More than 20 years ago, we fought the virus in Harran and lost. Now we are losing again. The city, one of the last great human settlements, is torn apart by conflict. Civilization has returned to the dark ages, and yet we still have hope.
You are a wanderer with the power to change the future of the city. However, your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories that you can't decipher, you set off in search of truth and end up in the middle of a combat zone. Improve your skills of those who hold power, choose a side and decide your fate. And whatever you do, don't forget, never leave your humanity behind.

Haunted by Your Memories
You are the pilgrim with the power to alter the future of the City. But remember, your extraordinary skills come at a cost. Haunted by your memories that you just can't decode, you begin your journey in search of the truth and find yourself in a war zone. Improve your skills, select a side and decide your future. And whatever you do, not forget your humanity.

His Search for His Sister
Your name is Aiden and you are a wanderer, a nomadic pilgrim who traverses the dangerous wastelands of Dying Light 2, taking goods from one post-apocalyptic settlement to another. His search for his sister that has disappeared and as he follows the trail to the City one of the last remaining outposts of humanity that has still survived the virus, it is based somewhere in Central Europe. There are 3 warring groups, constantly competing with each other for the control of the last remnants of vital resources. You will find that making allegiances is paramount to making progress.

Mix of Skilled Parkour and Brutal Combat
There is a fantastic mix of skilled parkour and brutal combat that once again takes the forefront of Dying Light 2. Guiding Aiden around the incredible map is always rewarding, there are always alternative routes to your objectives, so you can enjoy satisfying your curiosity as you explore the City with a character that has huge abilities and movement.

Combat is Especially Brutal
The combat is especially brutal, there are a wide range of weapons for you to utilize, using a mixture of melee weapons and ranged arms can give you the advantage you need. Being sneaky and discreetly going around your enemy is always an alternative to tackling the hoards of zombies head on, but nowhere near as much fun and really satisfying!

Dynamic Resolution
Graphically outstanding, there are 3 modes, Resolution mode aims to keep up the native resolution while offering 30 frames per second. Quality adds in ray-traced lighting and relies on dynamic resolution and has a similar 30 FPS rate. Performance mode offers an even crisper looking 60 FPS. And for those people blessed with a variable refresh rate capability of their display, the frame rate is unlocked and will offer rates much higher than the excellent 60 FPS.

Exceeded all Expectations
Dying light 2 is a great follow-up to its magnificent predecessor, with some of the best character design and movement of all the first person slash and dice games. The relatable storyline draws you in and makes you want to follow Aiden on his mission to find his sister. Hours of exciting gameplay is ahead of you. Easy to play, but hard to master, Dying Light 2 takes over the crown from the original and has already exceeded all expectations


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Score 4.4 / 5 based on 15375 reviews

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