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To install the games you can use the step by step slides above or follow the list below:

  1. While you are in your own account , press the Xbox Button on the controller once .
  2. Move far left to the Sign In menu and press on Add New .
  3. Type in the credentials you received from us via email . IMPORTANT: If you are required to provide a verification code, please contact our Live Chat Support and we will provide it immediately. In case it's outside our working hours, we will send you the code as soon as we are open. (~9AM GMT)
  4. Press Continue .
  5. Press Continue .
  6. Press Next .
  7. Important step! Press No Barriers .
  8. Press Skip this .
  9. Press the Xbox Button again and now move to the far right , so you can access the Settings .
  10. Important step ! Go to personalisation > My home Xbox .
  11. Important step ! Usually the account gets activated automatically as Home Xbox , it should look like this if that happened. Otherwise you will have to press "Make this my home Xbox" . In any case, do not remove it as your home xbox.
  12. Go back to the main screen and select the My games & apps .
  13. Press RB to reach the Ready to install category and download the purchased game .
  14. Press the Xbox Button again and go far left to the Sign In menu .
  15. Press on Switch profile and go back to your Main Account .
  16. Go to your settings again ( see step 9 ) and choose Remove accounts .
  17. Select the newly added account .
  18. Press Remove .

If you cannot play the game on your main account, verify again if the purchased account is activated as Home Xbox (Step 11)


  • You cannot activate the account as Home Xbox on two consoles !
  • Trying to activate it on a second console , will lock the game on first one
  • Before you purchase any DLC, Season Pass, or any kind of In-Game consumables please contact us. We are not responsible for any incompatibilities.
  • Never purchase anything on the account you received from us , if it has to be replaced for any reason , you will loose all the purchases made . We only offer warranty for our products .

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