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Review By Béla Imre,
Best website.More and more games best price , good ... 08-08-2017
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Good service. Lowest price on the market and worke ... 06-08-2017
Review By Manny Clay,
This website is a lifesaver, full games for the lo ... 29-07-2017
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100% Legit Website to buy Playstation4 Games! Coe ... 20-07-2017
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I see this page is good the sopporter chat is good ... 13-07-2017

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. How to install the games?

To install the games please read to our 'How to install the games' page.

2. How fast will I receive the ordered product?

Once the payment is made and the order is approved, you will receive your order instantly.

Please check your email and also the SPAM (Junk) Folder.

In case you still can't find it, please contact our Live Support and they will resolve any issue, immediately.

3. Is this thing legal?

The blunt answer is: It's not illegal. We are selling PSN accounts with legit (original) games inside. We buy the accounts only from reliable sources and we are confident that these are not hacked or stolen accounts.

4. Do I receive any guarantee on these games?

All our games come with 6 months guarantee.

5. Does the 6 months guarantee means I will only have the game for 6 months?

No, the games will never expire and you will be able to play it until you will get bored of it and delete it.

6. Why is then a guarantee necessary?

Sometimes there can be technical or issues of a different nature that will get the account blocked. This happens to a very small percentage of accounts and usually only in the first 2 months after the account has been activated. We consider that the 6 months of guarantee will offer enough protection that 99% of our customers will not experience any problems.

7. Can I lose the guarantee?

Yes, you can lose the guarantee if you change the login (email) of the PSN Account. We will not be able to check the account and identify it as an account that was bought from us.

8. From what region /country do the game accounts originate?

All our PSN accounts are from USA Store.

9. Can I install and play the games from any country?

Yes, you can install the games, no matter where you live. You will be able to play the game from your own personal account.