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ELDEN RING Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Rise tarnished and be led by grace to wield the awesome power of the Elden Ring and become the potent Elden Lord of the lands between. There is a massive open world to reveal of open pastures, forests, and huge dungeons in an elaborate 3Dimensional flawlessly connecting fantasy world that you will examine and explore, feel the tension of facing the complete unknown, and defy overwhelming dangers that will give you a sense of pure satisfaction. Not only can you customize the way that your chosen character appears, but also use the variety of combinations of armor, magic, and weapons for you to make your hero unique, with the ability to personalize your character and match your own individual playing style whether it is building your incredible muscle power to become the mightiest warrior or master the magic arts needed, that will turn you into an impressive wizard.
With a fantastic, intuitive multiplayer online mode to enjoy, that you can play with up to four friends or complete strangers to form the perfect band of heroes and journey together on your quest.

Dragons, Magic and Mystery
FromSoftware has put together some of the most notable names of the fantasy genre with Game of Thrones doyen, George R.R. Martin combines his brilliant storytelling skills with the game development and direction mastery of Hidetaka Miyazaki that have surly made this game the most anticipated of 2022, obviously, with such an elite and illustrious unification of talents there is plenty of dragons, magic, and mystery for you to enjoy. This is the latest installment in the Dark Souls Franchise, with some obvious similarities, but the new spin put on the open-world RPG genre that is visually beautiful, with life-like environments of vast caverns, decrepit ghostly ruins dark intimidating forests, mighty castles, and enemy encampments that you can come across in this non-linear RPG game. There is no single direction that is compulsory to achieve your targets, explore the six individual sections that are constantly changing from night to day, the weather conditions are totally realistic and the wonderful selections of wildlife that inhabits the realms are all part of making this a unique experience.

The Gameplay Remains Brilliant on Both Consoles
My favorite features are the freedom that the game allows you, so if a certain task or area becomes impassable you just simply have to turn around and head off on a completely different route so no more will you come to a complete standstill when a boss is just too tough to beat no need to stress just spend some time exploring and collect some useful items, destructive weapons, better armor and runes that will increase your power enough to return later and kick some butt. Take your time as there is no rush with the Elden Ring, no urgent missions that must be achieved rapidly to carry along the storyline, just great pleasure in the total open world that is really open. Riding and fighting on horseback are a couple of the new additions that I found intriguing and the differences between Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One are minimal except for the obvious loading times and higher FPS rate. The gameplay remains brilliant on both consoles. Newbie or veteran this is the perfect game to launch your RPG gaming experience and if you have not had the pleasure of playing the franchise then this is the perfect game to dip your toe in the water of the Souls franchise.


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