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Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5

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Voice:English, French (France), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
Screen Languages:English, French (France), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)

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Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5

Confront the unknown, find out the truth, and save the city. Deadly supernatural forces have infested Tokyo, brought about by a dark occultist that is responsible for the entire population of the city just disappearing in a moment. Join forces with a spectral being who is bent on revenge and use an incredible arsenal of supernatural abilities to uncover the sinister truth about what is responsible for the mass disappearance as you face the unknown in Ghostwire Tokyo. You will discover a beautifully rendered rain-soaked Tokyo city center using the PlayStation 5's next-gen ray tracing technology and 3D AudioTech fell the realistic sensation and the power of your supernatural skills with the haptic feedback of your DualSense Controller and adaptive triggers that are unique to every combat skill and character action in-game

Discover Famous Landmarks
You can discover a unique version of the major city of Tokyo that has been distorted by a supernatural force, from the modern city landscape to the ancient temples and narrow streets you can explore the deserted thoroughfares that are now occupied by Yokai vengeful spirits that stalk the city. You can discover famous landmarks like Shibuya Crossing and Tokyo tower that appear to be frozen at the moment when the entire population of the city just disappeared, then travel into an eerie underworld as you attempt to save your family. Unleash a combination of elemental powers and ghost-busting skills that you can upgrade.

240,000 Lost Souls for You to Collect
Use your incorporeal skills to reach the top of the metropolitan Tokyo skyline and soar over the abandoned streets to find your next mission or to just get the drop on your enemies. Ghostwire is a mainly a great First-Person Shooter but with the twist, that your main weapon is actually your fingers, and they shoot wind, fire, and water ballistic projectiles with an incredible display of light and bursts of energy as your hands contort to create shapes to cast your magic spells. Traverse the city with your spirit detective KK who possesses our protagonist Akito and grants him control over Ethereal Weaving. I have been reliably informed there are 240,000 lost souls for you to incorporate and return to the afterlife. The author Tango Gameworks uses a clever plotline to empty the city of all but the most important creatures, there are dogs to stroke and cats that can be used for business dealings, deadly enemies to battle, valuable collectibles for you to track down, and eerie spirits to meet in this incredible open world that seems to have no restrictions in the stunning cityscape. It uses silence like never before to create a serene atmosphere, and at times the only sound that you can hear is the local hounds howling at the moon.

Ghostwire Tokyo is an original game that is full of twists and turns, It is packed full of interesting and testing side quests all set in a lovingly rendered Tokyo city that comes to life with the supreme power of the PS5 which is put to the test with a 60 fps frame rate and a stunning 4K available with the right equipment. It is playful and actually has some humorous moments of Japanese off-the-cuff whimsy. Tango Gameworks has advanced from its horror background to create a more rounded and thrilling game that has the ability to enthrall and surprise you.

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