Reduced price! HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED Xbox Series X|S Xbox One Game

This is the XBOX One version that will run on Series X as well but with Xbox One specs.

HOT WHEELS UNLEASHED Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One. The best price guaranteed.

Languages: English, French, Canadian French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish , Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian

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Collect the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels universe, build spectacular tracks and dive into breathtaking races.
The most iconic and sought after Hot Wheels vehicles are waiting just for you. Get ready to make them race at full speed. Stand out in a crowd by setting off your personality with the exclusive Livery Editor

Always Running
Prove your skills by competing in the awesome races and get ready for pure fun! Drift, charge the booster, and launch yourself into spectacular loops. But be careful! If you are too slow, gravity will do its job. The bigger the challenge, the greater the glory. Race side by side with your friends in Split Screen mode for two players, or face up to twelve opponents in online challenges.

Create the Shape of Your Track
Enormous interactive environments are waiting to host your races, each with its own distinguishing features, where every object can become an integral part of the track.
Unleash your creativity with the most exciting track editor ever! Build your track by taking advantage of what surrounds you, and create amazing layouts inside and outside the racetrack. Bend and stretch the iconic “orange Pieces”, and add loops, special boosters, obstacles, and special elements to make an incredible amusement park for your races. You can share your craziest creations online and try those of other players. You can furnish your room with a huge number of elements that you will collect during your adventure and host the most breathtaking races inside.

60 Fantastically Modeled Vehicles
There are 60 fantastically modeled vehicles for you to collect and race either with the online Multiplayer Mode, which is a staple of the Hot Wheels franchise the Local Split Screen Multiplayer and you can race against the game's fantastic AI as it challenges you to bring your A game if you want to be victorious. Each vehicle has its own ranking and individual skill set which can be upgraded in the campaign mode entitled City Rumble, where you can also open Blind Boxes to receive a new ride or trade your unwanted cars for cash which you then can use to make improvements to your favorite vehicles. There are some of the most iconic and well-known motors from both TV and film, just imagine Snoopy turbo boosting into a jump on his highly recognizable red roofed kennel or powering around a high-speed corner in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon.

Champion of the Kitchen Worktop
Drifting and learning when to use your Turbo Booster to its best advantage are the main key skills that you will need to quickly learn the art of sliding around a bend, then accelerating out of it, if you are to become the champion of the kitchen worktop. Using the over 20 years of experience that Milestone have garnered makes the racing mechanics one of the most realistic of any racing game, and you can clearly see how the previous 26 adaptations in the Hot Wheels have led them to create every big kid's dream of designing their very own unique circuit without having to clip together those frustrating plastic pieces of track. So relive your childhood in this realistic world with stunningly dynamic graphics, customizable and upgradable cars, and shareable track design. Playing with your favorite Die Cast motors has never been this much fun.

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