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It Takes Two Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Set off on the weirdest adventure of your lifetime with It Takes Two, a mind-bending platform game that has been created solely for co-op, so ask your friend to join you as you combine your talents to conquer a massive amount of happily disruptive tasks and challenges. Play as the odd couple Cody and May, two people that have been cursed by a magic spell and transformed into dolls stuck together in an amazing fantasy world that is unpredictable at every turn, the two are forced to confront their differences to save their broken relationship. You will have to learn to work together to master unique and interconnected character abilities that you are confronted with on every level to assist each other past a variety of obstacles and some hilarious fun moments, kick the little furry butts of some gangster squirrels, fly a pair of extra-large underpants, you can DJ at a buzzing nightclub or bobsleigh across an enchanted snow globe. Engross yourself in an emotional laugh-out-loud storyline, where plot and gameplay interact to provide an individual imaginative experience.

Award-Winning Independent Game Developer
Hazelight the developers of It Takes Two are an award-winning independent game studio from Stockholm in Sweden. They were founded in 2014 and since its conception, Josef Fares their founder, who is a film director and game developer of such titles as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, they have always pushed the boundaries and the possibilities of what is possible in modern games like the 2018 BAFTA award-winning A Way Out was their first-ever co-op only third-person action-adventure, which was part of the EA originals program.

  • Xbox Local Co-op, Online Co-op
  • 4K ultra HD
  • Split/Shared Screen
  • Xbox Live Cross Gen Multiplayer
  • 60 FPS
  • Spatial Sound
  • Smart Delivery
  • Optimized for Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox Cloud saves

Cody and May are Magically Transformed
The story commences with a couple that is about to divorce, Cody and May that have a daughter called Rose, who when she discovers that her parents are about to permanently separate hides in her bedroom and cries, as her tears fall they land on a couple of dolls that look surprisingly like her parents, Cody and May are magically transformed into the toy dolls and will now have to find a way to transform back into their human bodies. They are led in the right direction by the Book of love that goes by the name of Dr. Hakim, who tries to get them to find the missing pieces to make their relationship whole once more.

The Gameplay is Constantly Creative
As a game It Takes Two is a pure delight, the gameplay is constantly creative and endlessly innovative and must be the best co-op game that has ever been available for the Xbox It has an unbelievable amount of variety, which means that you will never get bored by repeating the same type of missions over and over, It Takes two constantly finds new ways to test you and your friend, (who can play online for free using Friends Pass), in their diverse activity-filled levels that will build collaboration and teamwork in real life, to overcome the tough but fair ingenious puzzles and masses of mini-games.


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