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Life is Strange Remastered Collection Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Return to Arcadia Bay and experience the award-winning Life is Strange games like never before!
Featuring remastered graphics and animations that breathe new life into the cast of characters and their heart-warming story. Life is Strange Remastered Collection includes Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered. The content includes remastered graphics on the characters and environments. Improved character animation with facial motion capture, which is available in Life is Strange Remastered. Updated and improved puzzles. Engine and lighting improvements.
Stories of alternative decisions and consequences that reveal multiple endings. Master Max's rewind power and Chloe's ingenious ability to alter events. With a distinctive licensed original soundtrack.

One Vastly Superior Package
The game invites you to return to Arcadia Bay, after a 7-year absence after the exemplary game Life is Strange first announced itself to the world, developed by the Deck Nine studio, who have now remastered the entire collection into one vastly superior package. This cryptic and somewhat dark coming-of-age drama has various puzzles for you to negotiate, and the storyline contains many twists and turns, in fact, it is your decision-making abilities that will be tested the most, as every option has its consequences, like some interactive dramatic film. Every cutscene lets you control your character in the choices that she makes, and then you have the freedom to discover and explore your well-designed surroundings. Useful objects can be used to aid your progress and the interactions between characters who reside in Arcadia bay, and while you investigate, you can also search for some of the optional collectibles that are hidden throughout each episode.

Beautiful Scenery and Rewarding Information
It is ingenious how Deck Nine have kept the equilibrium between exploring and discovering the entire area surrounding the protagonists and then for the more direct, game-winning, motivated player they can go directly to achieve their targets and advance the gameplay rapidly but with all the beautiful scenery and rewarding information and items of use that are available for you to find in every scene, it would be beneficial not to rush.

Major Improvements
What immediately strikes you when you first start to play life is Strange: Remastered are the incredible, outstanding graphics. There have been major improvements to both the animations and cinematic visuals, the lighting, textures, color grading and especially the features of the principal characters have been vastly improved. Rays of light flicker realistically as you proceed through a room of the shadows that are cast across the ground, the detail is impeccable the use of colors a light all add to and improve what was already a pretty special game.

A Superb Soundtrack
The remastered versions of both Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before The Storm have been completely updated and enhanced, Deck Nine should be congratulated on the excellent job they have made of keeping the original unique style of the two games while revamping the graphics to a whole new level. Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before The Storm is well written, excellently acted with a superb soundtrack by the British indie band Daughter. Adding all these factors together, you can rightly surmise that Deck Nine have achieved its aim of producing a classic game that has been given a substantial tweak to make it even better.

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