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voice language -  English, French , German
text language - English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Chinese (Simplified)

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Life is Strange: True Colors Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Embrace your volatile supernatural abilities and reveal the truth about the dangerous secrets that are deeply hidden in a small, picturesque town
Life Is Strange: True Colors is an emotional plot led, a thrilling game where an intense psychic power is the only key to unlocking the truth and determining the truth about a compelling mystery.
Meet Alex Chen, who has never come to terms with her Power of Empathy, a supernatural power that she can use to sense and manipulate the strong emotions of people that are near her. When her brother is found dead, it is only these powers that will enable her to discover the truth about what had happened to him, But the truth can sometimes be extremely painful. True Colors is the new offering from the people who brought you the award-winning, Life Is Strange series, Square Enix, They have once again developed a wonderful story-driven emotional game that is based in the peaceful and tranquil small town of Haven, Here you will be introduced to a diverse mix of wonderful characters that have been beautifully crafted and will genuinely capture and hold your attention in the latest addition to the Life Is Strange franchise.

Strong and Powerful Storyline
There have been some major visual improvements on both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S that takes True colors to another level compared to its worthy predecessors. Deck Nine has become famous for making games with strong and powerful storylines, realistically believable characters, so the Full Performance Capture compliments the emotional plot to create a perfectly rounded game that makes it the best offering that the Life is Strange franchise has ever produced.

A Tragic Accident
Alex Chen our main protagonist (the main role played by the incredibly talented voice actress Erika Mori), her parents died when she was very young and as a result of her being taken into foster care was separated from her only surviving relative, her brother Gabe, fast-forward and Alex is now a young adult and the two reunite in the cozy little of Haven, Colorado a picturesque, friendly town that seems a perfect a place to start a new life but a short time after Alex's arrival her brother is killed in what is described as a a tragic accident and she is thrown headfirst into the complex mystery surrounding her brother's death.

Her Supernatural Powers
Having always rejected and tried to suppress her supernatural powers that allow her to read and manipulate the emotions of people that are close to her, the stronger the emotion, the easier it is to read, like anger, fear, and sadness. But as she delves into the strange circumstances, she starts to realize that maybe only her powers will enable her to get to the truth about her brother's death. Her attention turns to the powerful local mining operation that holds sway in the town.

Believable and Realistic
The town of Haven is full of interesting, likable characters, the local bartender Jud Lucan and find out more about the backstory of music-loving Steph Gingrich, the vocal talent that brings these characters to live is amazing, they are all believable and realistic, and you will quickly feel like you are part of the little town. Interaction with various objects to work out the clues is vital to the game, take a quick glance or by having a closer examination of the object you will open various dialogue panels that give the game a real feeling of freedom to choose how the Life Is Strange: True colors story will go.

Find out the Truth About Gabe's Death
Deck Nine has produced an improvement to what was already an incredibly popular series of games. If you are a fan of the Life is Strange franchise, you will immediately notice the improved graphics, great soundtrack, and fantastically dramatic plot with likable and believable characters that draw you into the life and the personalities who populate it. For newcomers to the series, the gameplay is very easy to pick up, as the emotional plot leads you towards a dramatic conclusion of this thrilling tale. Will you find out the truth about Gabe's death?

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