Reduced price! MLB The Show 23 PS4 PS5

MLB The Show 23 PS4 PS5

Step up to the plate in MLB The Show 23 for PlayStation! Buy now and experience the excitement of America's favorite pastime.

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MLB The Show 23 PS4 PS5

Are you a video games player searching for the ultimate baseball gaming experience for your cutting-edge PlayStation 5? Our best recommendation is MLB The Show 23 PS5, a sports game famous for being one of the most realistic and immersive baseball simulation video games today. You won't get enough of this sterling production praised for its perfect core gameplay, lifelike animations, authentic stadium environments, customization options, and manifold game modes. MLB The Show 23 on PlayStation 5 is the ultimate choice, so don't miss out on the action - grab your copy today and get ready to play ball like never before!

Stadium Mode

One of the most thrilling new features is the highly-anticipated return of the Stadium Creator mode. This game mode can let your imagination run wild and create your own baseball stadium from scratch. The customization options are extensive so you can truly make your own unique masterpiece.

Cross-Platform Play

But that's not all - MLB The Show 23 also offers cross-platform play, so you can connect and compete with friends who play on different consoles. Plus, the game has cross-progression, which means you can transfer your progress and content seamlessly across multiple consoles.

Gameplay Styles

Gameplay Styles are like puzzle pieces, each one meant to fit together uniquely for a player's experience. Every Casual and Simulation gameplay style is fine-tuned continuously, but the biggest shake-up comes with Competitive Gameplay Style.

Competitive Gameplay Style

By default, Competitive Gameplay Style reigns supreme for Online Head-to-Head games and all Diamond Dynasty modes. Yet, you can access Competitive Gameplay Style by visiting gameplay settings and toggling the Gameplay Style setting under General Difficulty.

The primary aim of the Competitive Gameplay Style is to maintain a delicate balance between good and bad input, where good input produces good results, and bad input produces, respectively, bad results - all without straying too far from the basic principles and strategies of the game of baseball. Players can anticipate a rise in swing and misses, but fewer popups and choppers, and the hits put into play are slightly better - though fewer in number.

Diamond Dynasty

The recent addition of a whopping 25 or more of the most distinguished and highly revered Major League Baseball (MLB) Legends, such as the indomitable Babe Ruth and the iconic Willie Mays, has indubitably unleashed a fresh wave of electrifying exhilaration upon the Diamond Dynasty scene. With an absolutely excessive and mind-boggling selection of over 180 top-tier players at your beck and call, you can meticulously curate and meticulously assemble your dream team, comprising only the most prominent and proficient baseball stars in the illustrious annals of this beloved sport.

The Diamond Dynasty mode boasts an inexhaustible cycle of rewards, even post the completion of a featured program, thereby ensuring that your thirst for victory and triumph is always kept quenched and satisfied. Upon attaining a specific threshold, you can spin the wheel and claim a reward, thereby making the process of creating a formidable and impregnable squad that can easily and effortlessly overpower any competition a seamless and streamlined one.

To catapult your team's performance and capabilities to unprecedented heights of excellence and splendor, you can leverage the myriad of benefits and advantages offered by the themed Captain Cards, which empower you with the unique ability to appoint a hitting and pitching captain for your Diamond Dynasty team.

These highly specialized and exclusive cards unlock a whole gamut of potent and powerful boosts, which can prove to be the ultimate game-changer in securing victory and triumphing over your rivals. With a mind-blowing plethora of customization options at your absolute disposal, you can truly and authentically create a one-of-a-kind team that is tailor-made and uniquely suited to take on the online baseball world like never before!


The team responsible for MLB The Show 23 has dedicated countless hours to creating an immersive and dynamic gaming experience that will captivate players. With over 5,000 new gameplay animations, MLB The Show 23 has seen a significant expansion in its potential for in-game scenarios, including players demonstrating their unique batting stances to make them stand out from one another and making diving catches to steal a foul ball.

Furthermore, players can expect to encounter more unpredictable hot shots at the corners of the field, increasing the excitement and uncertainty of each game.

Amazing Visuals

Player clarity, visual updates in-game, and functionality improvements enhance this MLB The Show production. Updates to the in-game displays have been made to make use of the next-gen PlayStation 5. The largest focus for visual display updates revolved around increasing clarity amongst the player base.

With these exciting new features and improvements, MLB The Show 23 is poised to deliver an unparalleled and authentic baseball experience that players will not soon forget.

Face Scan

Face Scan allows any player to insert himself/herself in the game. If you are interested to be a member of the Rooster, now you can and it is easier than you think. You download a free mobile up, scan your face, create an avatar, and a few minutes later you can be on the field. The custom player can be used in Career mode as well as in all game modes that support created players. I guess, console baseball never has been so much more immersive than now.

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