Reduced price! Monster Hunter Rise PS4 PS5

Monster Hunter Rise PS4 PS5

Hunt ferocious monsters in Monster Hunter Rise for PlayStation! Buy now and experience the thrill of the hunt.

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Monster Hunter Rise PS4 PS5

Embark on a Thrilling Adventure with Monster Hunter Rise: Conquer Monsters, Explore Uncharted Territories, and Team Up with Friends

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime and answer the call of the hunt! Step into the role of a skilled hunter, delve into uncharted territories and wield a diverse arsenal of weapons to conquer formidable monsters as part of an exciting and fresh storyline. Whether you prefer the swift and nimble dual blades or the raw power of the greatsword, there's a weapon to suit every playstyle. Team up, strategize, and share in the excitement of taking down the most challenging monsters together.

Embark on a Thrilling Monster Hunting Quest: A Guide to Conquering the World of Japanese Folklore

With a combination of classic favorites and brand-new creatures inspired by fascinating Japanese folklore, including the flagship wyvern Magnamalo, this journey promises to be unlike any other! With quick thinking and careful observation, you'll learn to master the unique tendencies of each monster, unlocking the key to victory and reaping the ultimate rewards.

Master Monster Hunting with 14 Different Weapon Types in Your Arsenal

You can choose different weapons in the game to suit your preferred way of playing. If you prefer a swifter pace, you can opt for either the Dual Blades or the Lance. If you want a tactical approach, you can use the Bow and Bowguns to attack from a distance. You can easily switch between weapons by visiting the Equipment Boxes to find the perfect tool for the job.

Embark on a Thrilling Multiplayer Adventure in Kamura Village: Take on the Rampage with Friends

Our multiplayer quests provide an excellent opportunity for you to join forces with your friends and tackle tough missions together. Additionally, you'll experience a thrilling new plotline that unfolds in the stunning and peaceful Kamura Village. You'll encounter a diverse group of villagers who have lived in constant fear of the Rampage, a catastrophic event in which numerous monsters simultaneously assault the village. As a hunter, it's up to you to collaborate with the villagers to confront this challenge and come out on top. 

Wirebugs: The Essential Tool for Mastering Your Hunting Skills in Video Games

The exciting video game that is waiting for you demands hunters to possess Wirebugs as a crucial device. These bugs possess the ability to eject extraordinary silk that can be utilized in multiple ways to traverse different maps and landscapes in the game. Once you acquire Wirebugs, you can effortlessly glide up walls, soar over vast areas, and execute exclusive special moves depending on the 14 diverse weapon categories in the game. Whether you are a proficient player or a novice, Wirebugs are sure to become your preferred hunting ally as you overcome the thrilling obstacles presented in the game.

Introducing Palamute Canyne Companions: The Newest Addition to the Monster Hunter Universe

Introducing the newest addition to the Monster Hunter universe: the Palamute Canyne companions! These furry friends join the beloved Palico Felyne allies you've come to know and love from previous adventures in the game. With their quick reflexes and boundless energy, Palamutes are the perfect companions for any daring hunter. These loyal canines will eagerly accompany you on your quests, providing invaluable assistance and support along the way. Whether you're taking down massive monsters or exploring the beautiful and dangerous terrain of the game's world, your Palamute will be right by your side, ready to lend a paw whenever you need it.

Experience the Thrill of Monster Hunting with The Rampage - A New Addition to the Franchise

Enter the thrilling world of monster hunting and experience a new level of excitement with the latest addition to the franchise - The Rampage. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you face off against raging monsters that threaten Kamura Village. In The Rampage, you must utilize the Wyvern Riding technique to control these fierce creatures and dish out massive damage to your targets. The Rampage introduces a brand new quest type, where you must defend the village from these ferocious beasts on a massive scale like never before.


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