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Mortal Shell PS4 PS5

Want a ruthless, deep-action RPG that will test out your sanity and resourcefulness in a dystopian world? Well, Mortal Shell is the game for you, As what is remaining of humanity withers and dies, zealous enemies rot in the ruins, they will spare no one and show no mercy. Your survival depends on your superior awareness, precision, and exceptional instincts. Hunt down hidden sanctums of the devout followers and discover your true purpose. Enjoy the fantastic way to play the award-winning Mortal shell. Unbeatable 60fps gameplay, 4K resolution, and ultra-high textural qualities. Possess lost warriors, collect the fallen bodies of lost warriors as you discover and awaken these Mortal Shells, possess their remains, and then master their individual styles of combat. As Iron Sharpens Iron, combat gameplay is strategic, deliberate, and totally unforgiving, raise your sword only at the suitable moment as you face formidable foes that guard your path, these adversaries are devoted to arcane gods, and look upon monsters that are both ugly and wretched and use all your courage to face and defeat them.

Smite You With Just One Powerful Blow
The protagonist and main character that you will play throughout the game is named The Foundling, without a face or a voice, you are more sort of a spirit or ghost-like being, who journeys from his otherworldly home somewhere on the astral plane to the world of Fallgrim, a now devastated and rotting remains of what once was a great kingdom. On your journey, you will then encounter a variety of mysterious characters that love to tell you ominous and cryptic messages about the rapid decline of the local lands and the army of inscrutable deity worshipping fanatical extremists that now stalk it, who just happen to be intent of destroying you. In your spectral body, you will be no match for these merciless foes as they have the ability to smite you with just one powerful blow. As the name of the game suggests, to have a chance of surviving these encounters you must find and then possess the corpses of once-great warriors, whose skills and abilities once mastered will become yours to command.

To Create New Strategic Possibilities
Like the majority of RPG hack and slash, Souls-Like games, Mortal shell has the usual parry, dodge defensive moves that seem to be standard throughout the genre, but this is where Mortal Shell has its own little twist with an action called harden when timed correctly just before an incoming blow hits, you can turn the shell that you have possessed into stone so that strikes just bounces off you, it is a great way to get under the defenses of your enemy to then land a devastating blow, with the boss battles it is vital to avoid being battered before you can get anywhere near your target. Mortal Shell consists of a beautifully strange world that is populated by interesting locals for you to discover, the Familiarity system makes you utilize the items that you gather instead of stockpiling them and your curiosity is well rewarded for exploring the areas that surround you. The combat adds original features to the Soul's Like experience and manages to create new strategic possibilities. There is an adequate difference in the shells and weapons to give you the variation of gameplay you require.

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