Reduced price! Need for Speed Unbound Xbox Series X|S

Need for Speed Unbound Xbox Series X|S

Experience high-octane racing action in Need for Speed Unbound - Get your copy and unleash your driving skills in intense street races and epic police chases!

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Need for Speed Unbound Xbox Series X|S

Unleash Chaos on the Roads: Master the Pursuit in Need for Speed Unbound

Revving up your engines alongside your buddies is a whole new level of challenge in Need for Speed™. The game introduces innovative methods to compete and compare with your squad in Lakeshore Online, pushing you to risk it all for the sweet rewards. Get your crew together for an adrenaline-pumping pursuit with the cops through the winding streets or engage in a heated battle on a jam-packed grid, utilizing every bend and twist to outsmart your pals and dominate the territory. Elevate your status as a racer by putting your driving skills to the test in Hot Laps events, which will give you an intense rush of speed. But that's not all. There are countless new ways to play, including Daily Challenges which offer various opportunities to showcase your driving expertise and earn rewards for your achievements. From "The Ultimate Luxury" ride to the Lotus Emira Balmain Edition 2021, there's no shortage of cool new gear to show off to your friends. Don't let anyone else take the lead - it's time to prove to everyone who runs these streets!

Race to the Top: Starting from the Bottom in Need for Speed Unbound

The Need for Speed™ Unbound allows you to create an unparalleled racing experience. Your expertise will be tested to win The Grand, Lakeshore's ultimate street racing challenge, with the world as your canvas. Over four weeks of intense racing, you will earn enough cash to enter weekly qualifiers, defeat your opponents, and establish your dominance in the street racing world by outmaneuvering and outsmarting the police. Fill your garage with carefully calibrated and custom-built vehicles and brighten up the streets with your flair, exclusive outfits, and a dynamic global soundtrack featuring A$AP Rocky and AWGE that will reverberate throughout the world. Express yourself to the fullest with the latest cutting-edge artistic styles and unique signatures that reflect who you truly are. Criterion Games™, the creators of this latest edition in the Need for Speed™ franchise, have provided separate single-player and multiplayer campaigns, offering countless hours of electrifying, adrenaline-fueled action.

Unleash Your Driving Prowess with Need for Speed™ Unbound's Unique Graffiti Art and High-Octane Effects

In Need for Speed™ Unbound, the art of graffiti transcends the bounds of imagination and takes on a life of its own. A visual style unlike any other, a fusion of the rawest street art and the most realistic car designs to ever grace the world of Need for Speed™ emerge before your eyes. A new and exciting arsenal of high-octane visual and auditory effects awaits, allowing you to unleash your driving prowess like never before. Experience the pulse-pounding rush of Burst Nitrous, a cutting-edge boost technique that delivers an electrifying surge of speed like a bolt of lightning. 

Tips for Succeeding in PlayStation Racing Games

If you aim to ascend to the summit of the Xbox game, you must be willing to take bold and daring actions. Determine when and how to risk it all, executing colossal drifts on the asphalt, outmaneuvering law enforcement personnel, or placing substantial wagers with your hard-earned funds against your rivals. Each moment is crucial, so it is imperative to identify the swiftest method to accumulate sufficient funds, enabling you to enter the weekly elimination rounds and secure a spot in the prestigious racing event, The Grand at Lakeshore.

Conquer the Urban Streets with Innovative Evasive Tactics

The further you compete, the hotter you get. As law enforcement intensifies the pursuit, you must make strategic judgments by leveraging innovative evasive tactics to seize command of the chase. Will you outdistance the cops, confront them headfirst, or disappear into the subterranean underworld of Lakeshore? Conquer these urban streets, and you'll unlock boundless riches.

Customize Your Style, Vehicles, and Victories in Rendezvous

Roll up to a rendezvous and flaunt your singular style with an extensive array of cosmetic options to pick from, including extraordinary garb crafted by some of the globe's most trailblazing fashion moguls. Take that flair to your wheels, revamping your vehicles with one-of-a-kind coverings and excavations for the ultimate, legendary modification. And once you clinch the top spot, never neglect to bask in the glory of victory with your triumph stances, putting the competition in their place with a touch of showmanship.

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