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Language - english , french (Canada ) , espanol ( latin america )
Subtitles - english, portuguese( Brasil ), espanol (latin america ), french ( Canada )

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Returnal PS5

When she crash-lands on an alien shape-shifting planet, Selene is in a battle to survive fighting with all her strength, again and again, when she is constantly defeated, she is taken back to the beginning of her journey until she dies once more. In this rogue-lite shooter, both the mysterious plant and your vital equipment are constantly in a state of flux that changes every cycle, which makes you adapt your playing style and face ever-changing challenges. You can go it alone as you pass through the Atropos labyrinth, or unite with another online player using co-op mode and share your exciting journey together. When you are prepared to tackle its deadly phases, the Tower of Sisyphus is waiting with its ever-increasing testing challenges that will pay close examination to your abilities and combat skills. Defeat your enemies in bullet fuelled clashes, and scavenge alien tech for upgrades to your active abilities. Create a personal connection with the planet and discover the truth about Selene's story.

Incredible Bullet-Hell Shooting
The storyline is almost an homage to other Housemarque titles like Dead Nation and Resogun, but with even greater production values and some incredible bullet-hell shooting. As I said before Returnal is an unforgiving rogue-lite genre game, so that every time Selene dies you are thrust straight back to her crashed spaceship to begin all over again without any of the weapons, upgrades, and items that you have so lovingly spent time collecting with just your trusty pistol, now for the bad news, there is no save button to save you!

The Sense of Complete Immersion
Returnal is a great advertisement for the power of the PlayStation 5, firstly the DualSense controller comes into its own, the sense of complete immersion is amazing and the use of haptic feedback to feel the moment that your secondary weapon is fully charged and ready to use, unlike any other game there is no button or toggling for the alternative device, but just how far you depress the left trigger but there is so much more as PS5 has taken advantage of the next-gen controller so that you can even feel the raindrops as they bounce off your helmet. Not only have they perfected the DualSense controller, but also enhanced the graphics so that the total environmental experience is a level above anything that the PS4 could dream of producing. The detailing that is involved to create the stunning design of the tree, bushes, and even the swaying tentacles of your deadly enemy, running at an impressive 60 frames per second frame rate which is so important when you are playing a game like this as any lag will cost you dearly as the timing of your dodge move can make the difference between life and death. If you haven't got one already, get yourself a really good quality headset or surround sound speakers as the 3D AudioTech gives you the ability to locate where the next attack is coming from, which is vital.

Must-Buy Games for the PS5
If PlayStation were looking for a system selling game, well Housemarque has successfully produced it for them, a big-budget original game that still has elements of the best rogue-lite titles but has managed to combine them all fantastically and created one of the first must-buy games for the PS5, constantly testing, it never lets you get complacent, this game requires patience and skill to achieve victory. So strap yourself in for a fun, frustrating, and formidable all-round gaming experience.

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