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Riders Republic PS4 PS5

An Exciting Journey
Taking your adrenaline rush to a whole new level, Riders Republic a UBISOFT original takes you on an exciting journey via air, snow, and land in a massive open world, from snowy mountains to arid canyons as you freely roam some of the most iconic US national parks, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain, and Grand Teton all mixed together to make one hell of a serious playground for you to shred. Now that's what we call freedom. With the opportunity to explore, a load of valuable objects to collect, spots to discover, stunt parks to ride, and mountain stories to achieve. Put your pads on, you are going to need them.

20 Players Simultaneously
Join the massive Riders Republic multiplayer community and take part in an avalanche of great diverse activities as you shred the snow mud and dirt in real-time with others, so get your friends squad together and compete in downhill races, dominate the map in team vs team competitions, or test your skill with the PvP modes and special events. For those who have the courage to face the insane action of the mass races, break the finishing tape ahead of everyone, or at least be the last man standing. You can join more than 20 Players Simultaneously and watch as you compete live on-screen with members of our wild Riders Republic community, Witness their biggest triumphs and worst fails in the most realistic living breathing open world.

Customizable ID Cards
You can level up while playing in completely different modes, and you will receive brand-new gear and create your own rider style, Then impress the mad Riders Republic community as you show them your unique urban designs with our Customizable ID Cards. You can be who you really want to be and let this massive open-world know exactly what you are made of. Use a bike, a snowboard, skis and even a flying wingsuit to work on your freestyle in the urban or backcountry environments then enjoy destroying the opposition in the Alpine and X Cross races, then compete in an all-out mass start race, collide, grind and fight your way to the front and cross the line as a winner. When you play Riders Republic you will find that its gigantic open-world settings make it a wonderful sight to behold, with the extremely diverse geographical locations, you will be too busy shooting down the slopes at a fantastic speed but by taking a few moments to enjoy the vista. You will find the breathtaking scenery is spectacular and really is something to observe. With frame rates of 30fps and 60fps the graphical capabilities are incredible, quick almost instant loading and superb detail all make Riders Republic a visual pleasure to feast on, With its own custom soundtrack fully loaded with excellent licensed songs.

This is a Game That Can Only Go on to Greatness.
Developers UBISOFT have created a game that spans different genres of game, the open-world settings that the publishing giant has become world-famous for combined with some Tony Hawk-inspired tricks and skills gameplay while introducing a Career Mode that is intriguing and will keep you fascinated for hours. Feel free to roam around the great settings and test yourself against your friends with some of the most fiercely fought competitions, while pulling off some amazing jumps stunts flips, and grinds on the way down. This is a game that can only go on to greatness.

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