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Wreckfest PS4 PS5

Take racing and demolition to another level! Wreckfest is here now to "wreck your world" of epic crashes with the ultimate and most amazing customization features that a full-contact racing game can have! Real-life physics simulations specially created by legendary developer Bugbear are meant to take you to the next level of reality-like ways the metal can bend.
Discover the thrill of having neck-to-neck fights over the finish line and in high-speed circuits while facing destruction in the madness of derby arenas or the spike of adrenaline in crowded intersections.
Not only a steady source of racing fun but also the ridiculously detailed destructible elements of the environment and in the highly customizable cars make Wreckfest the most amazing, chaotic, king of the crop game of fun on four wheels.
Awesome Customization - Choose your ways of competing either with fast and light armory or heavy-duty motor features. You can now add side protectors, additionally reinforced bumpers or adapt the body armor of your car to protect you from damage. Not only you can change the amazing looks of your vehicle, but you can also adapt engine performance with air filters, camshafts, fuel systems or adjust the handling features through weight and much more.
Mind-blowing Racing Experience - This is not only the usual racing but insane loads of fun with demolition moments and on-going car combat over the high-speed circuits. Not only dominate your opponents but destroy them and expect the most epic crashes.
Amazing Cars - Banged up cars, patched-up together, looking cool and glowing with style! Choose your US heavy hitters, fast and smart Europeans or funny wonky Asians, you won't find anything more fun!
Multiplayer - Dare to challenge your friends online and start bending metal together in the most amazing destruction racing arcade.
Challenge and Career Mode - The entertainment never ends when you can race with a coffee table, a sofa or a lawn mower! Also, you can unlock new enhancements for your car, earn experience and battle for upgrades on your way to being The Wreckfest Champion!
Dare to burn some rubber, toss the rulebook and start trading some paint and shredding some metal!

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