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Saints Row PS4 PS5

Welcome to Santo Also a bustling, lively city that is, unfortunately, the subject of a vicious battle to control its mean streets, It is up to you and your cohorts that form the burgeoning gang called the Saints to take over from the competition, Los Panteros, the Idols, and Marshall, you will have to fight your way street by street and block by block to wrestle control away from the competition in this epic open-world, action, first-person shooter. You are the Boss a bloodthirsty, murderous not so likable villain with machinations of complete control of the Santo Ileso underworld. Create your character with the cleverly designed Character Creator, build the Boss which truly represents you or how you would like to be represented, and stylize him right down to his fashion sense including all of his finer facial details.

Each Vehicle Has a Unique Signature Ability That Gives You an Advantage
One of the most popular aspects of Saints Row is the plethora of crazy vehicles that you can drive, pilot, and destroy, these also have the option of complete customization with everything from the paint job, tire size, and rims, each vehicle has a unique signature ability that gives you an advantage, they come in different categories such as:

  • Crab Steering, increased grip, and more precise movements reduce the risk of sliding to make it much easier to outrun the cops.
  • Ball and Chain, smash and destroy your pursuers if they try to get too close.
  • Infinite Boost is a never-ending augmentation of your speed that you can use to outrun anyone.
  • Jump does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows you to leap obstructions and other vehicles that are blocking your way.
  • Kneecappers, any vehicle that tries to ram your ride will have its tires slashed instantly.
  • Ejector Seats, when things look like they are coming on top, eject from your vehicle, then use your wingsuit to escape and fly around instead.

There are also Air Boost and Super Air Control for aircraft and some others that you will discover as the game progresses which I don't want to spoil. All vehicles can be stored in the garage which is based at your apartment safehouse. Once there they will be saved and able to use whenever you wish even when you accidentally destroy them on the streets which is a bonus.

More Senseless Violence Than You Can Shake a Stick at
Saints Row is a completely new game that uses the framework of previous games in the franchise, but with all new characters, locations and storyline, like with the other games in the series it is packed full of eventful, somewhat silly, almost absurd missions, some cringe-worthy jokes and more senseless violence than you can shake a stick at. After nearly nine years since the introduction of the ultimate release in the series, Saints Row IV it has made a welcome return with a game that will likely be a must-buy for fans of this great franchise.

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