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Voice:English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)
Screen Languages:English, French (France), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico)

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The Last of Us Part I PS5

As a winner of over 200 awards, yes, over 200 of those golden trophies that adorn the cabinets of the Naughty Dog head office, The Last of Us Part I has been remade for the PS5 as the director of the project Neil Druckmann has informed us, the studio has taken this opportunity to remake the game with the latest Next-gen technology in mind, almost a version of the game that they would have loved to have made originally without being restricted. So what are we going to get for our buck now that The Last of Us Part I is available on the PlayStation 5?

Every Character is More Natural and Smoother Than Before
Firstly this is not just a remake, it has been lovingly rebuilt from the ground up, and you can instantly see when you play the game from the first cutscene, all the characters become clearer, more realistic, and infinitely more detailed, like the wisp of hair that blows gently in the breeze or the odd grey hair that pokes out from our protagonists craggy, chiseled jaw, every character is more natural and smoother than before thus making them more believable and relatable immediately. With the usual benefits of the excellent DualSense controllers and the sensational haptics that add a whole new level to its predecessor, plus the incredible loading times that were unimaginable when the game was originally released what is now 10 years ago.

You Already Know How Great it is
So I might be teaching my grandmother to suck eggs here, but there are people out there that have never played The Last of Us Part I, can you believe it? So for you experienced fans you can skip the next bit and go straight to the bit where I tell you about the fantastic visual upgrades as you already know how great it is. Now that it's just the new player of the game and me here I can tell you that the package contains the revamped version of the game and also the DLC Left Behind, firstly if you are going to experience The Last of Us Part I, then this is the best way to do it, join our hero Joel as he uses a combination of skills including puzzle solving, stealth and lots and lots of shooting to traverse a post-apocalyptic, deadly world on an arduous cross-country journey with Ellie, a young girl that has enlisted the help of the rugged Joel to protect and guide her safely to her destination. Immerse yourself and experience the tension in the thrilling plotlines that garnered all those awards.

The Fantastic Visual Upgrades
This is the bit where I tell you about the fantastic visual upgrades, so firstly welcome back to our fans of the game who left us earlier, the animations and gameplay are like that of a major motion picture, with the two options of a smoother running frame rate or the complete visual experience which gives you the impressive graphics that portray flickers of light bouncing off the surface of a pond reflecting the sky and surroundings almost photographically or the lush green foliage that is almost realistic. The AI has been improved drastically and accessibility has been rebuilt for the better, 3D audio likewise adds a new sensory sensation where you can feel the direction and distance that a foe is approaching from. Finally, they have thrown in a new speed-running mode that is more challenging to play and pushes your skills to the limit. So if you want the very best version of a brilliant game, this is it.


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