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Wasteland 3 Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

The Fate of Arizona and hence the fate of the whole of Colorado depends on you in Wasteland 3, You play a Desert Ranger, who has been fighting a losing battle to save Arizona and keep it alive, When you receive a radio call from the self-appointed Patriarch of Colorado, he promises you to aid in return for completing a mission that he can only trust to give to an outsider, it turns out the mission is to free his lands from his murderous and barbarous children.

Wasteland 3 is a Whacky, Weird, and Wonderful Game
Brought to you by inXile Entertainment, Wasteland 3 is an interesting RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, it features testing strategic gameplay that involves hours of exploration and an immersive interactive plotline that forces you to make so many decisions, these decisions that will impact directly on your journey. These choices will test your morality and ethics in choices that sometimes have no correct or satisfying option. The game can be enjoyed in both single-player mode and co-op, but either way, you can upgrade your squad of combatants with items and special abilities that assist you in creating your very own customized playing style. The Kodiak is your transport, it can also be heavily customized, making it a rough, tough war machine that can handle any situation. Saving Colorado is far from easy, but now Arizona depends on you, so you had better not let them down.

At Times, it Blows your Mind
Wasteland 3 is a Whacky, weird, and wonderful game at times it is side-splitting, it is that funny, all the usual crazy fun that has become synonymous with the iconic Wasteland franchise is thereby the bucket load and at times it blows your mind how the simplest of missions can provoke you into some incredibly testing and insane situations. This is the first time that the series not only has a great story leading single-player adventure but also lets you bring a pal along on your quest into the post-apocalyptic world of a failed society, you and a friend can now play through the enthralling campaign, with both of you having your very own squads of Rangers to take control of, but will have the extra enjoyment of sharing the missions online, join forces and fight in key scenarios together, or you can go your way to cover more territory, the choice is yours. Once the game has started, then you will be able to play when your mate is offline and advance without their help, but it would be best to remember that any actions that you take will have consequences for both of you.

Will be Considered a Classic
Well, I have now run out of superlatives to describe this fantastic game, I sum up by saying that I can honestly inform you that Wasteland 3 is a game that is a must-buy, the whole idea of a story campaign that has so many different tangents to go off on is brilliant, you can never relax and get complacent because each the decision that you make at any moment can come back to bite you on the backside at any time with devastating consequences. The voice talent is of such a high standard, the graphics are stunning, and the graphics are intuitive, this extraordinary combination makes it a complete experience. Wasteland 3 is an award-winning title, inXile Entertainment has created a game that will in the future be considered a classic.

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