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WWE 2K Battlegrounds PS4 PS5

The incredible world of WWE is now your battleground, with all new in your face, over the top arcade action, when your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends confront each other in some of the world's most zany interactive environments, choose your favorite match types with an armory of embellished maneuvers, special abilities and some destructive power-ups, including Steel Cage, Royal Rumble, Fatal Four Way and many more, whilst Mauro Ranallo and Jerry “The King” Lawler commentate and call all the chaos. Are you ready to enter the battleground? Have your favorite WWE giants and legendary fighters battle it out with unnerving unhinged, crazy in-your-face pandemonium, as you pull off some incredible, extravagant power moves to devastate your opponent as you battle in stunning interactive environments.

Compete Across the World
Make your way through the brilliant all-new Story Mode as told through highly original comic strips, along with such greats as Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin as you lead the search for the next WWE Superstars. Compete as unique and flamboyant novice characters against some of the best, established greats of the WWE and test yourself while showing off your newly acquired skills to unlock new characters and Battlegrounds to enjoy. Design your very own Battlegrounds and characters with loads of great customizable options as you create, customize and edit your very own unique characters and original battlegrounds. Battle in online tournaments and make your claim as King of the Battleground, attempt to survive the online melee against other players from all over the world or compete against your friends or family with the immersive local multiplayer mode.

An Entertaining and Exaggerated Manner
WWE 2K Battlegrounds has taken all the emphasis away from trying to produce realistic wrestling simulations and have opted instead for a more fun arcade-style game. The roster of WWE stars is now represented by a more caricatured animated image, which distinguishes it from the other titles in the franchise, there is a certain charm in these newly styled characters as they perform blows, key throws, and their special moves in such an entertaining and exaggerated manner that it takes the whole experience into an amazing cartoon-like world. I could not resist a wry smile when I first discovered that I was able to bring and freely use objects, like the compulsory folding chairs, into the ring, but imagine my surprise when I found out that I could also batter my opponent with a guitar or even a hammer without fear of disqualification. They have also added one or two twists like you cannot win your steel cage match until you have collected enough of the money that appears in the ring as you battle your enemy, this adds a new layer of difficulty to the quite simple gameplay.

A Refreshing Look at the Popular Series
The animated environments are not only stunningly stylized they each have an interactive element accompanying it, The Everglades has an Alligator, The New York Pit has Lava, The Scotland Arena uses Bagpipes, and the Mexico Arena has an interactive Goat would you believe? There is a Helicopter at the Boot Camp and finally, Detroit is set in an Auto Shop, so give you plenty of Oil Barrels and a Car Lift to play with. Plus, there are already new DLCs on their way, with even more characters and locations for you to enjoy. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a refreshing look at the series with new faster gameplay and some wonderful stunning settings, easy-to-master controls, and some creative options which let you build and design your own arenas as well. Fun Game, Fun Characters, Fun to Play.

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