Reduced price! WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Digital Edition PS4 PS5

WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Digital Edition PS4 PS5

Step into the ring and become a WWE superstar in WWE 2K23 for PlayStation! Buy now and experience the thrill of professional wrestling.

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WWE 2K23 Cross-Gen Digital Edition PS4 PS5

With WWE 2K23, the developers have built upon the notable strides taken in the previous year's release and infused the game with numerous refinements and touch-ups. The game modes have received significant enhancements, while the wrestler models, whether they be of the superstars or customized creations, have been rendered with a level of detail that surpasses any previous iteration. Although the wrestling mechanics themselves have not undergone major overhauls, the game's wealth of content, including the inclusion of the WarGames match, is bound to satisfy avid fans and casual players alike. WWE 2K23 on PlayStation is absolutely great!

WWE 2K23 - A lot of content!

With nearly 250 playable Superstars and various game modes, WWE 2K23 is a must-play for wrestling fans. Unlocking everything and completing objectives may be challenging, but it is part of the stride. 

WWE 2K23 WarGames - A Fan's Favorite

It's been a long time coming, but the WWE 2K development team has been working tirelessly to bring this legendary match type to life. During the development of WWE 2K22, they made significant changes to the game's mechanics, which allowed them to make WarGames a reality for WWE 2K23. This was no easy feat, and the team had to overcome numerous challenges to make this a possibility. They had to revamp almost every aspect of the game, from the arenas, entrances, and objects to the cage combat, dives, springboards, AI, and so much more. This is the 4v4 or 3v3 game mode every fan of WWE 2K23 was waiting for, and now we finally have it!

WWE 2K23 MyGM - The Managerial Mode

In MyGM, you will play the role of a WWE General Manager. You will be responsible for drafting a roster, managing budgets, signing free agents, booking matches and rivalries, and choosing arena locations and production elements. Your goal is to compete against a rival GM in weekly rating battles and have the best brand by the time of Wrestlemania. MyGM is the perfect mode for WWE fans who love the thrill of competition. With this year's edition of the game, MyGM has been significantly improved. There are now more General Managers to choose from, and additional show options are available. 

WWE 2K23 MyRise - The Career Mode

The latest rendition of the WWE 2K game, WWE 2K23, offers players the chance to live the life of a WWE Superstar through its MyRise game mode. This year’s MyRise game mode features two distinct career paths for players to choose from - The Legacy and The Lock. The Legacy follows a second-generation superstar mentored by Molly Holly, while The Lock follows a new superstar hailed as “the next big thing” mentored by Shawn Michaels. Both paths have unique storylines that provide insight into the life of a WWE Superstar. What sets WWE 2K23 apart is its attention to detail in capturing the essence of real-life WWE superstars. Each character in MyRise has their own unique backstory that explains their path to the WWE, giving players a truly immersive experience.

WWE 2K23 Showcase - An Interactive Playable Documentary

This is John Cena's WWE Career in video game form. Celebrating one of WWE's biggest stars, WWE 2K23's Showcase mode allows players to play through John Cena's 20-year career, facing some of the toughest opponents he ever encountered. WWE 2K23 also offers a twist on the traditional gameplay by letting players take on Cena himself in the ring. With 14 historical matches to choose from, players will have the chance to challenge Cena in some of the most important moments of his career on the biggest stages in WWE. With authentic arenas, outfits, and cutscenes, players will feel like they're right in the middle of the action. If they can complete the in-game objectives and stay true to Cena's values of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, they'll earn the admiration not just of the game developers, but also of John Cena himself.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode - The Sandbox Mode

WWE 2K23 has introduced a major change to its Universe Mode, a fan-favorite mode that has been present in the franchise since WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011. Universe Mode is an open "sandbox" where players can book matches on Raw, SmackDown, pay-per-views, and other shows. The new momentum system allows gamers to assign specific actions to certain superstars before a match, giving them more control over how rivalries unfold. For example, players can choose to have Bobby Lashley shake hands with MVP before the match, but then have him punch him at the last second. This new level of control allows gamers to create their own angles and customize rivalries to their liking, similar to what the WWE head of creative Triple H does in real life.

WWE 2K23 MyFaction with Online Multiplayer

In WWE 2K23's MyFaction Mode, players can acquire new cards with higher Gem Tier ratings by completing challenges in Weekly Towers, Proving Grounds, Faction Wars, and Live Events. Completing Chapter 1 in Proving Grounds with all 90 medal rewards unlocks Sapphire Tyler Bate. Players can obtain cards in MyFaction by completing objectives in matches, lifetime challenges, or by opening packs. While MyFaction has fewer cards than other sports games, players aim to collect every available card. Most WWE Superstars have various card versions ranging from Bronze to Pink Diamonds, which are the best cards in the game. Evolution cards increase their value by completing objectives and increasing their rating.

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