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Biomutant PS4 PS5

BIOMUTANT® is a post apocalypse Kung-fu open world Role Playing Game that introduces you to a fighting system that is a combination of melee attacks, martial arts, shooting and mutant abilities. After a mysterious plague lays waste to the world, causing the Tree of Life to emanate death from its roots. The major tribes are at odds with each other. Traverse a dystopian world of BIOMUTANT® and decide it's future you can either be its saviour or it's destruction, the choices that you make will decide.

Key Features

  • Enjoy the complete freedom of an open world, shoot, melee or deploy your unique mutant powers.
  • You can reprogram your genetic composition, change how you look and get your own mutations like spiked tail or mantis legs.
  • Discover an open world that is alive, you can explore on foot, robot, jet ski balloon or even some unique mounts that are available in certain areas.
  • Combine items to create destructive attacks with melee weapons, revolvers, rifles shotguns and more.
  • Although the narrator tells the story of your journey, it is your decisions and actions that will decide how your quest for survival will end

The world is slowly dying, the Tree of Life is being slowly killed by the devastation caused by the World Eaters. There are four of them that each have their own unique way of causing destruction to the environment, whether it is the pollution of rivers and streams or the callous murder and consumption of all the wildlife, whichever it is, it is causing severe and fatal damage to the roots of the Tree of Life. As the Mutants each have their own individual languages, a narrator is used to translate the conversations and recount the adventures of BIOMUTANT®.

Our Anthropomorphic hero can travel all of the contrasting regions of this genuine BIOMUTANT® open world, take an homemade jet ski between the islets of a flourishing archipelago or cross and explore a massive arid desert. The world still has the remains of a forgotten human society that perished years earlier, condemned buildings that have hidden valuable loot and materials to craft into useful objects or puzzles to solve, every location has its own checklist of items to discover, there are rare objects, loot or an old world gadget that will open a fun side quest, old abandoned cars litter the landscape of BIOMUTANT® as a tragic remainder of a bygone era. The environments and characters are so gorgeous that you will find it hard to tell the difference between the PS4 and PS5.

The creators Experiment 101 have built a stunning post apocalypse BIOMUTANT® designed an open world for you to explore, create your environment in some of the finest world building to be experienced, the combat is addictive, great characters come to life and the idea of a narrator is a wonderful addition. Sharp and crisp audio adds to the excellent graphics, which portray those marvellous special abilities like the bouncing mushrooms and sticky balloons with a visual humour. BIOMUTANT® is a great idea made real by Experiment 101 and lacks nothing that makes the RPG genre the most popular games out there.

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