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STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

A universe-shattering journey is here in STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order, a brand new 3rd person action-adventure game from the well-known Respawn Entertainment. This addictive journey in the form of a single-player game offers you the role of a Jedi Padawan who incredibly ran from the awful jail that came after the events in Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. With the mission to grow the Jedi Order once again, you have to regain your forces of the past that wrecked you and be the best you can in combat, do your training as a pro and master lightsaber fight while developing some brand new and shining Force skills.
Of course, you have to be at all times a second ahead of the Empire and the villains hid under cover of dangerous Inquisitors. As soon as you can demonstrate your abilities in the fight, as a player, you will be involved in realistic cinematic battles using sabers and Force skills, for you to experience those mind-blowing combats that movies have installed in your imagination.
You have to develop your strategy and wisely use your abilities and find a balance between power and weakness while taking advantage of your Jedi training to defeat your enemies and resolve the puzzles that your journey presents with.
If you are truly a Star Wars Fan than you will be sure to feel familiar with the mesmerizing landscapes, the weapons, and equipment, but you will also be amazed by the new and interesting creatures, droids and adversaries.
● Realistic, Engaging Fight – Jedi: Fallen Order ensures that your fantasies are completed in the epic lightsaber combat with enhanced moves and Forces that you can activate and improve your outcome.
● A New Jedi Story Begins - The journey you begin as a former Padawan is a new path, a new mystery in the story of the Jedi. You have to beware of the Inquisitors and restore the Jedi Order and escape the ruthful enemies.
● The Galaxy Awaits - Mysterious jungles, epic forest, haunted landscapes are all unique features you will encounter in Jedi: Fallen Order all while having the liberty to choose what site you want to visit next. While the Force continues to grow, you can re-explore the lands you have previously met with new sets of skills and abilities and grow your Force even more. All this adventure happens while being constantly followed by people that mean harm and want to destroy anything that's left of the Jedi Order.

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