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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Have you ever imagined that war can come again and break the world you live in? Well, Modern Warfare is here to lead you into that dark fantasy. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the classics, a shooter game that brings you the most amazing storyline ever with amazing stakes that keep you engaged and hungry for more.


Explore the well-known cities of the world in cover operations while you take on the lethal Tier One role and feel your heart pumping as you go on in each special mission. Modern war is here to unbalance what you thought would happen and incredibly leads you to reveal the mysteries of populations of this era and secrets that go way further, even in the Middle East. Break any boundaries and achieve any objective that you set for yourself, you can only do this is Modern Warfare. The challenges that you will be facing if a war breaks down right now can be now felt and lived through the eyes of the duty operators that have their heart racing experienced served on the plate every single day.


One thing you should consider though. You experience war in this fascinating way as if this happening in real life were so far away from happening. May I remind you to remain conscious that these scenes that you play are for some people around the world the daily reality and they can do nothing about it. Neither can you, but raise awareness and be there as a human being and remember that what you are play-pretending right now can knock on your door tomorrow.


Depending on your skills level and on your playing preferences you can choose to go solo or in co-op multiplayer, while both squad and single are available on all levels of mastery.


Build your character, enhance the weapons and progress into the fascinating narrative while you go out and feel the amazement of famous landscapes and mysterious missions.

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