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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PS4 PS5

Prepare to break the rules and to go on the dark side of a fantastic adventure with the ultimate Modern Warfare. The stake has never been higher and the adrenaline pumping will be more than you can imagine when you start experiencing the incredible saga that has ever been created.


The players take in full hands the incredible task of Tier One operators and begin exploring a world full of challenges in the well-known heart-racing world of Call of Duty that we have been accustomed to so far.


Now, the balance of power in the world is threatened by unknown forces that divide and conquer the world as you know it and you have the unbelievable mission to stop the disaster and save the universe from falling apart.


Infinity Ward, the same beloved studio that started all the craziness of the Call of Duty series, comes back stronger than ever and offers us a more refined, detail-oriented, improved reimaging of the same fantastic reality that was built by them from the ground up.


Imagine that now you can step into the epic and dramatic single-player campaign and explore the mysteries that unfold and solve the challenges that only war, fight and strategy can bring for you.


The most wanted Call of Duty manages to break the rules like never before and test your boundaries and push them as far as only Modern Warfare could, with its amazing improvements and realistic imagery that leads you in a trance of being the best version of yourself.


You can now experience, at your choice, the multiplayer online environment, with a great variety of operations and missions that can blow your mind off and give you the spike in your heartbeat that you are yearning for. Otherwise, you can squad-up and play cooperatively. You can choose the experience you desire from the amazing collection of the levels depending on your skills and abilities, whatever the skills that you are now. Improve your game and become even better with the experience that you can only acquire in Modern Warfare.


If you have never tried it before, now it is the time to unleash the fighter in you and emerge in the breath-taking challenge that this marvelous piece of art game offers. It will feel like the most epic and exciting journey you have ever made. It will both relax you but also keep you focused on your objective of saving and protecting the world.

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