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Watch Dogs: Legion - Standard Edition PS4 PS5

Set in a near-future London, the city is facing ruination. After a series of destructive terror attacks rock the city, a surveillance-dominated authoritarian state now oppresses its citizens, a morally bankrupt private military company controls the public streets and a far-reaching powerful crime organization preys upon the city's vulnerable. The future of the City of London now depends on you and your ability to recruit and form a group of resistance fighters to take back the streets. In a great innovation to the way future games will be played, in Watch Dogs: Legion every single person that you meet and interact with, in this massive open-world thriller, can now be recruited and become a playable character, with their very own backstory, personality and set of skills that will enable you to create your resistance unit. Explore and discover the sprawling urban open-world full of famous sights and landmarks such as the London Eye, Big Ben, and Trafalgar Square, while its completely new melee system and a wide variety of destructive weapons and specialist skills make the way you engage in combat have real consequences.

A City Where Anyone Can be a Potential Hero
The hacktivist group from the previous Watch Dog games Dedsec have been framed for a deadly terrorist attack and has been largely disbanded, an authoritarian state now controls the masses using the power of Albion, an evil private military company to enforce their control on the streets. The subjugated population is now ready for the spark of rebellion, and it is up to you to fan the flames into a firestorm, but instead of forcing you to play the role of a single character, Watch Dogs: Legion lets you choose from any of the thousands of aggrieved Londoners in this fast-moving, flexible enjoyable fight for freedom that is unlike anything is ever seen before. It is your mission to retake the City from kingpins and crime lords, traverse and reclaim the city's boroughs, using a series of different activities like Evidence gathering, sabotage, and finding ways to promote your propaganda in a city where anyone can be a potential hero.

Surveillance is Key to Planning a Mission
For each mission, there are so many variants to take into account, who is the right person for the job and by which means you think will be best for the occasion, so instead of using military drones to blast a route through perceived threats, you can instead just boldly walk past Albion security at their HQ disguised as an employee. Surveillance is key to planning which ingenious tools would be suitable and who should control them, to this end the gadgets like drones, cameras, turrets, and especially spider bots that can avoid even the most heavily guarded places and even have the segments that are designed for them. Legion feels like the game that the original game was intended to feel like. Along with the enjoyable team building, great mission design, immersive storyline, and stunning environments, the game brings a dystopian London to life in this entertaining game.


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