Reduced price! Atlas Fallen Xbox Series X|S

Atlas Fallen Xbox Series X|S

Embark on an open-world adventure and sand surf through breathtaking sandscapes with Atlas Fallen, the latest action RPG from Deck13.

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Atlas Fallen Xbox Series X|S

Atlas Fallen offers a memorable adventure among the dunes, including a dynamic gameplay loopcaptivating world designintricate combat mechanics, and some unique abilities. For a gripping action RPG in a fantasy world dominated by sandscape visuals, Atlas Fallen is the best! Atlas Fallen is in a crowded space, however, it sets itself apart from its peers through unique features. One of these characteristics is the movement system, matched only by that of Marvel's Spider-Man. I am talking about sand surfing, the ability to move from one point to another by gliding across the dunes.


Atlas Fallen propels customization into an echelon of its own, exhibiting a staggering compendium of over 150 abilities. With so many abilities available, you have the luxury of trying eclectic permutations and easily tailor your gameplay to your individual needs. Blunt force, fitness, stealth... the Ability System is inexhaustible. Atlas Fallen also features a Momentum System that increases with combos (as in Devil May Cry) and provides customizable special abilities. Rapid-fire attacks, double jumps, air dashes, and more... the combat system created by Deck 13 is one-of-a-kind and fully customizable by players. The seamless air dash and sand glider mechanics provide a fluid and precise way to navigate the expansive world of Atlas. The joy of gliding over landscapes is unparalleled and is similar to flying through the skies. Deck 13 cleverly eliminated fall damage, so the aerial dash and double jump features without negatives assure the exploration remains enjoyable.

Immersive NPC Interactions and Character Customization

The world of Atlas is a living environment filled with diverse characters and meaningful NPC interactions. Characters have their own stories and quests. They add depth to the game's universe. As per the RPG features, character customization is also a highlight, allowing you to personalize your appearance, skills, and equipment. The transmog system adds an extra layer of creativity to character design. Customization reaches new heights in Atlas Fallen with over 150 distinct abilities that may be employed in a multitude of combinations. With so many options available, any player can tailor his/her experience the way he/she wants it.

Essence Stone Inventory

Engagement within combat proves to be a formidable endeavor, often traversing through arduous terrain depending on the chosen game difficulty settings and the composition of your Essence Stone inventory. With the infusion of leap-enhancing capabilities, the very nature of combat expands into a multi-dimensional experience, inviting contemplation of the expansive aerial domain. Essence Stones bestow upon your sand-forged arsenal distinct and exceptional capabilities. A plethora of 150 such stones await your exploration, each harboring diverse effects for the crucible of battle. The cadence of consecutive strikes upon foes forges the essence of Momentum, a formidable force that feeds itself.

Momentum Gauge

Accumulating Momentum within the gauge empowers the unleashing of potent assaults and the unfurling of Essence Stone's arcane might. Prudence is essential, for encounters with the enigmatic Wraiths dwelling amidst the dunes can erode this Momentum. Mastering the art of unbroken assault sequences and swiftly perfecting the Parry technique emerge as paramount skills. Players may be familiar with the Momentum System from games like Devil May Cry.


Sand monsters, known as Wraiths, exhibit a diverse array of designs, often amalgamating elements of animals, metal, and sand – evoking similarities, in certain aspects, to the creatures within Horizon Zero Dawn's universe. They look and behave differently, presenting unique challenges when fighting them. Combat engagements frequently initiate by populating adversaries in close proximity to the player, often encircling them. These encounters commonly involve a formidable sub-boss entity marked by numerous vulnerabilities, accompanied by a selection of lesser opponents exhibiting a degree of diversity in strength. The utilization of the gauntlet's supplementary armament grants players the rapid ability to swiftly propel themselves toward designated enemy positions.


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