Reduced price! Lies of P PS4 PS5

Lies of P PS4 PS5

Ready to dive into a gripping, dark fairy tale? Buy Lies of P for PlayStation, a Soulslike experience that promises thrilling battles and intriguing storytelling.

Screen Languages:Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish

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Lies of P PS4 PS5

Imagine awakening in an unknown city full of rubble and decay - alone and forgetful, yet with no memory of how or why you arrived here - only knowing one fact: you are a puppet. Lies of P is an action souls-style game set within an intricate Belle Epoque world inspired by Pinocchio's story; guide him as he makes an unrelenting search to meet Geppetto again and become human!

  • Become human in the city of Krat: Guide Pinocchio on his journey to become human in the dark and twisted city of Krat, inspired by the Belle Époque era.
  • Unleash your inner beast: Unleash powerful melee and ranged attacks to defeat the biomechanical puppets and other dangers of Krat.
  • Customize your playstyle: Create your own unique build in the open-world of this Soulslike action-RPG using weapons, armor, and skills, including the ability to lie to your enemies.
  • Deceive your enemies: Use the lying mechanic to deceive your enemies and gain an advantage in combat. Lie to them about your location, intentions, or even your identity to create distractions, ambush them, or escape from danger.

Demanding Gameplay: Skill and Patience

Lies of P will push you beyond your capabilities with its challenging gameplay that will test both your abilities and patience. In an unforgiving world where enemies are formidable and relentless while the environment itself presents dangerous hazards - success will require not just strategic thought but precision reflexes as you navigate this treacherous terrain!

Attentively Tailoring Our Offering to Fit Your Path Forward

Create your path to victory using Lies of P's comprehensive customization features, enabling you to tailor your character according to your own individual style. Among these, as it's an action RPG, you'll find weapons, armor, and skills. The diversity available guarantees that, with customization, your character suits your preferred playstyle perfectly. Boosting your capabilities even further as you upgrade weapons or gear as your journey through the game continues - Lies of P is sure to leave an indelible mark upon its players as they develop over time!

Lying Mechanic: Master of Deceit

Lies of P is an open-world game, and like any Soulslike game, deception may be the key to victory. At times, for the skillful ones, the primary weapon against adversaries becomes your lying mechanic. Craft intricate webs of falsehood to disorient enemy attacks while giving yourself a strategic advantage during combat scenarios. From misleading foes as to your whereabouts or intentions to taking on different identities altogether - your capacity for lying opens up endless opportunities allowing you to create diversions, launch ambushes, or escape imminent danger for an edge in battle that turns the tide of battle in your favor!

Atmospheric Belle Epoque: Diving into the Dark Allure of Lies of P

Engage yourself in Lies of P's dark and atmospheric Belle Epoque setting as you discover its mysterious world of haunted beauty. Every corner holds secrets or dangers waiting to be unlocked - be ready for anything when exploring Lies of P's Belle Epoque setting, uncovering secrets behind city plague and inhabitants' fates; the unnerving atmosphere will have you digging deeper to unearth hidden mysteries beneath its surface!

Soulslike Challenges Await: Venturing into the Dark Realm of Lies of P

Lies of P is a game deserving of its Soulslike status, designed to put your abilities and resourcefulness through rigorous trials. Through extensive customization you can form your unique identity within its world - you can carve out one that complements your playstyle while deception becomes an art form allowing manipulation and outwitting of adversaries, with its dark atmosphere of Belle Epoque setting up its narrative filled with secret agendas and intrigue - so step inside this dark yet captivating atmosphere and let Lies of P put to test both your skill and courage!

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, then order Lies of P today and embark on Pinocchio's epic journey to become human!

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