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RIDE 5: The King of Motorbike Racing Returns

After a long wait, the motorcycle racing aficionados' dream has come true - RIDE 5 is here! It's been three years since the last RIDE game, and the creators have strived to take the series to new heights during this hiatus. Ride 5, released after three years of absence, seeks to establish itself as the Gran Turismo of motorcycle games.

RIDE 5: Unparalleled Detail and Variety

Ride 5 stands out with over 233 real motorcycle models from 15 brands, meticulously recreated with authentic factory colors. In RIDE 5, the front suspension system of motorcycles is more realistic, offering enhanced comfort and control. Various suspension types, including telescopic, air pressure, and non-telescopic, are faithfully simulated in the game.

Customization and Realism at Your Fingertips

Compared to MotoGP 23's high-speed racing motorcycles, RIDE 5 offers more manageable bike control. It targets a broader audience, so control settings are more accessible. However, even with medium assist mode, precision and timely braking remain essential. From altering components to repainting bikes and customizing rider attire, the game can transition from an arcade-style racer to an ultra-realistic simulator. 

Immersive DualSense Integration

On the PS5 version, the DualSense controller delivers an immersive experience, with haptic feedback simulating throttle and brake resistance. Ride 5 continues the trend set by Ride 4 in utilizing the DualSense controller. While not matching the pinnacle set by the WRC series, it's a significant step forward.

Photorealistic Excellence in Ride 5 Racing Simulator

With Ride 5's photo mode, distinguishing between the game and actual photos can be challenging. Ride 5 departs from cross-gen support, focusing solely on the latest console generation (and PC). While the visual difference from Ride 4 may seem minor initially, it becomes more evident in visual effects, quality, and the implementation of ray tracing.

Ride 5 Offers Massive Licensed Content

Boasting over 233 motorcycles from renowned manufacturers and more than 30 events, Ride 5 offers extensive customization options and equipment choices. Unlike other Milestone titles, Ride doesn't confine itself to official circuits, active riders, or championship regulations. It's a double-edged sword, but for those seeking unbridled, uncomplicated fun, prioritizing MotoGP loyalty is unnecessary. The career mode is now narrated in English or Spanish and offers over 200 playable events. Ride 5 excels as the top choice for pure, adrenaline-pumping, two-wheeled action.

Sound and Music: Meeting the Expectations

While the motorcycle sound effects meet expectations, the absence of an impactful menu and replay music is noticeable. The sound remains functional for the action, and on the PS5, the DualSense controller utilizes its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, offering a tactile connection to the game's mechanics.

RIDE 5: Domination of the Genre

Milestone, the Italian studio behind RIDE 5, may not have reached the colossal success of some four-wheel racing developers, but it's come close to monopolizing the world of motorcycle gaming. With licenses like Supercross, MotoGP, SKB, and the continuation of Hot Wheels Unleashed, Milestone is at the zenith of the motorcycling subgenre. For newcomers to motorcycle gaming, Ride 5 is the premier choice on the market, especially if official championship licenses aren't a top priority.

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