Reduced price! NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox Series X|S

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox Series X|S

Take your basketball skills to the next level with NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox series X - the must-buy sports simulation game.

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NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox Series X|S

NBA 2K23 for Xbox Series X/S is a must-buy simulation basketball game that helps elevate your sports gaming skills to the next level and immerse you in the most lifelike, captivating, and well-refined experience on the current generation of consoles. It is new, it is great, is basketball at its best!


The game's graphics are beautiful; boasting meticulous attention to detail that enhances gaming immersion. Notably, the in-game animations closely reflect real NBA action for an authentic and exceptionally smooth gaming experience. Casual players may not immediately notice the graphical improvements, but notable modifications have been made to gameplay mechanics, providing long-time fans with a fresh yet familiar experience. On Xbox Series X/S, NBA 2K24 truly comes into its own as an essential purchase for anyone wanting substantial advancements within its series. 


The crown jewel of NBA 2K24, the ProPLAY feature, elevates animations to an unprecedented level of fluidity, making every in-game movement feel lifelike and seamlessly executed. The single-player journey has undergone a monumental transformation, boasting a substantially improved AI that exhibits an impressive degree of strategic acumen, reducing the instances of inexplicable blunders to a minimum. The gameplay itself is buttery smooth, whether you're executing dribble moves or launching shots. It's hard not to attribute this to the ProPLAY tech, which seems to have fine-tuned the game's mechanics.


When it comes to sound, NBA 2K24 doesn't just engage your ears; it catapults you headfirst into its digital basketball universe. Every sound, from the rhythmic dribble of the ball to the swishing net, pulsates with authenticity. The soundtrack, as expected from an NBA 2K title, is a fusion of Rap, Pop, and EDM tracks, delivering a commendable audio experience. 


Shooting, while challenging, rewards precision with "green" releases, yet mistimed shots struggle to find the mark in tougher game modes. Paint finishing has been dialed back, bringing equilibrium compared to the dunk-heavy 2K23. Defensive mechanics shine, and scoring difficulty sits between the easy 2K22 and the challenging 2K23. Adrenaline Boosts, introduced in 2K23 to combat gameplay issues, received a refined overhaul, contributing to a more skill-focused experience.


Notably, crossplay has made its debut in NBA 2K, allowing players from different platforms to compete together. One key feature of crossplay is its platform indicator next to each player's name, which eliminates any doubt about which gaming platform they're using and allows for seamless competition while possibly ending longstanding debate over which platform reigns supreme in NBA 2K. While Parks remain integral parts of the game, allowing you to assemble teams as though at a real basketball park; crossplay offers you more variety and freshness in matchups by giving access to a larger player pool that provides access to new opponents for you to face off against.


This year's MyCareer narrative stands as the most captivating since the unforgettable Orange Juice saga featuring Michael B. Jordan back in NBA 2K17. This game mode immerses you in the compelling journey of your MyPlayer, a scion of a basketball dynasty, embarking on an NBA career amid astronomical expectations. You're hailed as the most prodigious NBA prospect since LeBron James himself. MyCAREER in this iteration proves genuinely enjoyable, in stark contrast to recent years when it felt like an arduous grind just to fortify your MyPlayer for online showdowns.


NBA 2K24's MyPLAYER builder gives players access to a reduced pool of attribute points when creating their in-game persona, marking a drastic departure from previous iterations where versatile, all-around builds were more prevalent. As such, players no longer have access to creating characters that excel in all areas of gameplay - succumbing instead to more specialized and strategic approaches to gameplay strategies.


Here, in MyTEAM, you'll sift through the annals of basketball history, selectively plucking stars from the contemporary era and legends of bygone days to curate a formidable roster, equally proficient at conquering individual challenges and partaking in electrifying multiplayer clashes. Among these exciting novelties lies the fresh salary cap mode, a strategic twist that infuses depth into your team-building pursuits while preserving the thrilling competitive spirit that has endeared MyTEAM to fans.

Mamba Moments

The addition of Mamba Moments, replacing a mode featuring Michael Jordan, pays a heartfelt tribute to the iconic Kobe Bryant. In essence, MAMBA MOMENTS stands as a respectful nod to the game's cover star, even though it's more of a brief salute. The sheer delight of embodying Kobe on the virtual court and reconnecting with the array of teammates who shared the spotlight with him throughout the years adds a special layer to the NBA 2K24 experience.


NBA 2K24 will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the franchise, both spectators and players, but I also suggest non-gamers with an interest in basketball should try it for themselves. On Xbox Series X/S, NBA 2K24 is at another level of realism and visual accuracy. The essence of the game's acclaimed smoothness and realism, repeatedly extolled throughout this assessment, finds its origins in this groundbreaking transformation brought by ProPLAY. Fans of basketball on the current generation of consoles are advised to get the game today.

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