Reduced price! NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox One

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox One

Elevate your sports gaming with NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition for Xbox One, the immersive basketball simulation you can't miss!

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NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition Xbox One

NBA 2K24 is the most immersive basketball experience to date. Its compelling MyCareer narrative, precision-focused gameplay mechanics, immersive eras in MyNBAMamba Moments tribute, stunning visual presentation, dynamic commentary, diverse soundtrack, and crossplay feature come together to create an unforgettable gaming experience. In a monumental step, NBA 2K24 introduces crossplay, allowing players on different platforms to engage in thrilling matchups.


The gameplay experience in NBA 2K24 surpasses any basketball game we've previously encountered. The handling of players in this game feels remarkably responsive and precise. The dribbling mechanics deliver a satisfying sense of control, scoring opportunities are meticulously balanced, and defensive maneuvers become genuinely valuable. All credit goes to the implementation of the ProPLAY system, which elevates the fluidity of player movement animations to a level hitherto unseen. One minor quibble surfaces—there are instances when our controlled player moves with such rapidity that they find themselves inadvertently within the clutches of opposing players. The repertoire of available moves is incredibly diverse, ensuring that monotony remains a distant concern.

Visuals and Atmosphere

Enhanced by sophisticated lighting techniques and finely tuned shadow configurations, the game achieves a palpably immersive stadium ambiance. Supported by an array of dynamic camera angles and a broadcast-style presentation on the screen, NBA 2K24 has undoubtedly scaled the zenith of visual excellence. The level of detail in player appearances, down to the glistening sweat on their brows, is nothing short of stunning. To add another layer of immersion, NBA 2K24 boasts dynamic commentary that adapts to the flow of the game. The commentators respond dynamically to the action on the court, making each match feel like a live NBA broadcast.


Over the past few years, MyCareer mode has frequently left gamers yearning for more engaging narratives. The tales it spun often fell short of captivating players, with scenarios like beginning a career as a campus DJ before transitioning into the world of professional basketball feeling somewhat lackluster. However, a refreshing wave of excitement breezes through NBA 2K24 as MyCareer is now a source of genuine enjoyment, with better narratives. You may witness your fully customized character's meteoric rise as the most promising Draft prospect since LeBron James, with whispers of potentially becoming the GOAT in the near future.


While not as widely acclaimed as MyCAREER or MyTEAM, this mode stands tall as the pinnacle of excellence in the realm of sports gaming. MyNBA unfurls an unparalleled experience, spanning five distinct eras, from the captivating battles of Magic versus Bird in the 1980s to the iconic reigns of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, right through to the cutting-edge modern era. For devoted NBA aficionados, this is nothing short of a dream come true, as each epoch is now impeccably represented.

What sets MyNBA mode apart and truly captures our admiration is the degree of control it affords players. For an added layer of authenticity, you can even activate filters that transport you back to the ambiance of the 80s-90s, impacting everything from the scoreboard display to the players' exuberant celebrations, making MyNBA a truly immersive and customizable basketball journey.

Mambo Moments

In lieu of the previous Jordan Challenge feature, NBA 2K24 introduces an all-new challenge mechanism named "Mamba Moments." This engaging feature invites players to step into the shoes of Kobe Bryant and reenact some of his most iconic career milestones. Each game typically presents three distinct objectives, and upon successful completion of these objectives, players earn stars. (Stars unlock valuable rewards such as Free Agent Cards, Armbands, and other coveted items). We have merely half of the content previously available for Jordan Challenge, nevertheless, despite the more limited selection, this feature stands as the most heartfelt tribute to the late Kobe Bryant, who graces the cover of this game, ensuring his legacy is immortalized in the world of NBA 2K24.

The W

In a commendable nod to championing women's emancipation, 2K introduces "The W," a feature that allows players to assume the roles of female NBA athletes, akin to what's been showcased in previous FIFA football titles. The W is heading in the right direction and the steps forward can be easily seen in NBA 2K24, but it's clear that it still needs time to evolve. It might be a few more iterations before The W truly solidifies its position as a staple in the series.

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