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Madden NFL 24 Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Playing Madden NFL 24 is a genuinely enjoyable experience. I primarily attribute this sentiment to the heightened features, improved animations that enrich the field experience, and the revival of modes that EA, truth be told, should never have let slip away. I add the strongest, most authentic gameplay and simulation mechanics (not without bugs), even better visuals (that are the norm for EA Sports), and lots of modes for all tastes and play styles... Madden NFL 24 is a huge improvement.

Realistic Gameplay

Madden NFL 24 introduces randomness into gameplay becoming this way more realistic than ever. Within this randomness, however, lies a more nuanced and true-to-life essence, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. A player like Baker Mayfield might succumb to pressure quickly and attempt to scramble for extra time. On the other hand, Joe Burrow might also extend the play but stand his ground to take a hit while launching a deep pass to a star teammate. The emphasis is less on repeatedly exploiting the perfect short routes, and more on replicating the genuine behavior of the most crucial position in sports. Defenders are now required to execute precise angles when tackling running backs and wide receivers, lending a heightened authenticity. Furthermore, EA Sports has dialed down the excessive interceptions that plagued the previous year's iteration, rendering interceptions a more well-earned feat, particularly when snatching passes from the adversary's quarterback.

Enhanced Visuals

I must say, the cutscenes are impressively crafted and enhance the overall immersion. The game boasts stunning visuals. Even in Image Quality mode, performance remains consistent, and I noticed some meticulous detailing. Besides the mentioned mode that delivers the best image quality, the Performance mode is created to deliver the best frames per second. It helps that there's a wealth of fresh dynamics during each play. The animations for actual catches have been refined, particularly in specific scenarios. Noteworthy enhancements come into play during contested catches, where both receivers and defenders make mid-air adjustments. In fact, these mid-air adjustments branching into swats, impactful tackles, and grappling for catches mirror real-life situations remarkably well.

Franchise Mode

Like the gameplay, Franchise mode receives a handful of minor updates that subtly enhance the overall experience. Players now possess the ability to recalibrate contracts, strategically creating room within the salary cap — akin to the shrewd maneuverings regularly employed by NFL general managers. Additionally, trades have expanded to accommodate up to six assets on either side of the transaction, thus facilitating the inception of grander, multi-aspect deals. I perceive these adjustments as the modest yet pivotal refinements the mode has long yearned for, and I readily welcome them.

Madden Ultimate Team

Madden Ultimate Team, which typically captures the longest attention span of EA's series veterans, appears poised to unveil its most substantial influx of content over the course of the game's existence. The pledge from EA to roll out seven distinct seasons to MUT signifies an unprecedented level of engagement for players. Beyond the extensive roster of seasons, Madden Ultimate Team transforms the menu navigation into a more seamless endeavor, even if still far from the pleasant experience of its FIFA counterpart, introduces fresh live event programming, and incorporates the much-anticipated crossplay functionality enabling friends to compete across various gaming consoles.


Superstar The League and Superstar Showdown enter the scene as successors to Face of the Franchise and The Yard, respectively. You can start a career as a quarterback, running back, wide receiver, linebacker, or cornerback. Meanwhile, the latter offers the thrill of engaging in 3v3 and 6v6 showdowns against friends. Superstar The League is the Career mode, now including an NFL combine and more that help determine your draft position. Showdown is a highly competitive space where you can go against friends or an improved AI.

Quick Play and The League

When time is of the essence, Quick Play swiftly plunges you into the heart of the action, providing a speedy and enjoyable sports experience. Alternatively, there's The League - a captivating campaign that adopts a custom-made character and propels them into an NFL team straight out of college.

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