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Destiny 2: Beyond Light PS4 PS5

Set Off on a New Journey
The frozen tundra of Europa holds many lost secrets from the past, including the chilling dark powers of Stasis, who work alongside the enigmatic Exo Stranger to fully harness the power before your enemies do, Eramis the Kell of darkness wants to bestow it on her fallen armies. Use the incredible power of Stasis to control and dominate the battlefield. The Guardian class each uses the Power of Stasis in varying ways, a Warlock-Shadebinder uses it to call forward a powerful Stasis staff to freeze their enemies in Ice, the Hunter-Reverent can Channel Stasis Shards to create a pair of Kama blades, and finally, a Titan-Behemoth can strike foes down with a mighty Stasis gauntlet. Beneath the frozen ice and decayed ruins lie an arsenal of weapons and more. Claim this trove of cutting-edge tech from the clutches of time and attempt to tame the wasteland.

So What do We Get in this Latest Expansion?
The thought of a new expansion to Destiny 2 has excited most fans of the game, so now that Destiny 2 Beyond Light is here, let's see if the wait has been worth it, as let's face it the Beyond Light Expansion comes with some great expectations, especially after Bungie separated from Activision, so what do we get in this latest expansion? Well, the answer is, that we get a good look at where Bungie is headed. An evolving, growing constantly changing the game, Destiny 2 Beyond Light has a brand new massive destination, the ice moon of Europa where after the darkness came into the solar system and enveloped the Major planets. It is up to the Guardians to prevent the darkness from swallowing up everything, to do this they need to use the very essence of Europa to craft a new power and subclass called Stasis which appear in the form of Ice Powers by freezing their enemies using chaining attacks to do maximum damage.

Things are Explained by Great Cutscenes
If this expansion was your first entry into the canon lore of the Destiny series then you might have a little difficulty understanding some sci-fi terminology, but with Destiny 2 Beyond Light the story is quite bountiful and tells how a Fallen Kell called Eramis has worked out how to channel Stasis, the power of the darkness and weaponize it for her minions as a form of vengeance against the traveler after the desertion of her people centuries ago. Things are explained by great cutscenes, the voice talent brings the cool characters to life. So as well as the enthralling missions, a new big baddie, a brand-new planet, and deadly new powers to play with. The return of fan-favorite Variks who takes a substantial role in the story and the Exo Stranger from destiny one is also there to give you information about the mysterious Clovis Bray corporation and the Exos. So travel to the massive ice cap that is Europa, it might seem like a white snow-covered desert but as you explore you will find underground laboratories and abandoned Fallen cities all in incredible detail as are all the impressive environments. Destiny 2 Beyond Light might be an extension, but it is an intense, thrill-packed one that will surely leave you wanting more.

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