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EA Sports FC 24 is synonymous with virtual football. With HyperMotion V and PlayStyles, it features the best and most realistic gameplay ever. It is also the most complete and inclusive game to date. Imagine the size of EA Sports FC 24's content: more than 19,000 players, over 30 leagues with more than 700 teams, and the best international competition as UEFA Champions League. Redesigned menus streamline navigation, and its content breadth astonishes. In EA Sports FC 24, football's atmosphere comes alive, breathing authenticity into every match. Notably, the Ultimate Team mode reaches new heights of completeness.

HyperMotion V

EA SPORTS FC 24 hopes to make waves with HyperMotion V - an integral pillar in EA FC 24 that has undergone profound change since it first debuted. "V" in "HyperMotion V" stands for "volumetric," and it is the 3rd iteration of the proprietary gaming engine. Thanks to an abundance of real-life match data and real-time animations from real encounters, EA has skillfully integrated new insights into every corner of this footballing masterpiece.

Now let us unveil the magic of volumetric data! EA Sports captured and analyzed 590 million frames of game captures from 180 professional football matchups from the Champions League (Men and Women's), La Liga, and Premier League. With AI's help, the information shapes in-game player movements, not only individually, but also as part of a unit (let's say, the defensive) and team. HyperMotion V technology creates an authentic experience by harmonizing entire teams' movements while offering over 1,200 signature Run Syles from some of the greatest players ever seen on any field!

FC 24 PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

In FC 24, Traits are out, and PlayStyles are in, reshaping how we define our in-game personas. In a word, PlayStyles are the new mechanics that characterize the in-game performances of all players. It is a huge effort towards an even more realistic experience as the game is powered by real-world Opta data. The connection between virtual and real life is blurred with the effect of revamping the promises of an unparalleled connection with your chosen players.

The 34 PlayStyles reflect qualities like passing, scoring, defending, physical, ball control, or goalkeeper. But the real thrill lies in PlayStyles+. In essence, we have an enhanced PlayStyle+ version for each "regular" PlayStyle that needs unlocking. These game-changing enhancements push ordinary players into gaming legends, much like Erling Haaland's awe-inspiring Power Shot inspired by the acrobatic volley against Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League.

PlayStyles will be omnipresent, from Ultimate Team to Career Mode, even in Clubs (formerly Pro Clubs). The immersion is total in EA Sports FC 24, a game that marks a new era of personalization with PlayStyles and PlayStyles+.

Game Modes

For single-player and multiplayer users, EA Sports FC 24 boasts an impressive array of game modes. In Ultimate Team, you assemble your dream squad, while Kick Off offers quick, competitive matches. For those craving personal glory, Player Career lets you live the life of a budding football star, and Manager Career places you at the helm of a club. Clubs, previously known as Pro Clubs, offer a platform for collaborative success, while the electrifying small-sided street football of Volta Football thrills with its urban areas.

Skill Games, Practice Arena, and Training Centre are game modes where you may hone your abilities. Seasons offers structured competition, Co-Op Seasons lets you team up with a friend, Tournaments provide fierce competition, and Online Friendlies allow for friendly clashes.

EA Sports FC 24 offers a 360-degree experience leaving nothing out. Chasing individual glory or forging bonds with friends in the world of digital football are experiences at your fingertips.

FC 24 Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team puts you in charge of creating the team of your dreams by uniting past and present players together under its chemistry-inspired rules. As each season goes by, promotional events unveil enhanced versions of players which present you with a thrilling challenge of staying competitive within this dynamic mode. FC 24 Ultimate Team has the game modes we embraced over the years, including Moments, Squad Battles, Division Rivals, FUT Champions, Friendlies, Draft, and Square Building Challenges.

FC 24 Ultimate Team offers an abundance of enhancements that raise the experience to new heights - Squad Battles receive much-needed improvements, while Champs Red Picks get their very own makeover - setting off another season of gaming evolution!

Women's Football

EA Sports FC 24 pushes the boundaries, or at least advances the narrative of gender equity because, in the spirit of inclusiveness, we notice male and female players join together on the pitch for an unreal, but at the same time unforgettable, gaming experience.

EA Sports FC 24 ads more than 1600 new women players, including FUT Heroes and Icons, from leagues such as Barclays Women's Super League, Google Pixel Frauen-Bunesliga, Liga F, D1 Arkema, and (some of the teams of) UEFA Women's Champions League making up this season of footballing magic is set for an extraordinary journey ahead.


EA Sports FC 24 is a real revolution despite what critics may say. Of course, it uses the great base of previous FIFA releases, but HyperMotion V and PlayStyles (and PlayStyles+) are greatly raising the bar and making a real difference in gameplay. And while it is true that Career modes do not seem to move the needle, The Ultimate Team is the most complete ever. Other minor changes, like the redesign of the menu, are clearly a step forward, and women's soccer was never better represented. As for the visuals and animations...are simply exceptional.

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