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EA SPORTS FC 24 Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

EA Sports FC 24 revolutionizes certain aspects of gameplay with the inclusion of new PlayStyles and PlayStyles+, and delivers the most realistic gameplay due to its proprietary Frostbite engine: HyperMotion V. In terms of content, it was never before that big, and in terms of authenticity, it was never more life-like. Including over 30 leagues and the most important international competitions, both men and women, it has more than 700 teams with a little more than 19,000 licensed players. Ultimate Team is worth a separate note, now more competitive and with more game modes than ever.

HyperMotion V

Relive one of EA FC 24's biggest innovations - its revolutionary redesign of match dynamics! HyperMotion V, the system responsible for animations, collision detection, ball physics, and more, has long been one of the cornerstones of FIFA and EA SPORTS FC games. HyperMotion V is actually not its fifth iteration but rather its third - something Electronic Arts (EA) made no secret. HyperMotion V represents EA Sports' latest iteration of its motion capture technology, featuring volumetric data culled from 180 professional football matchups from across all three leagues: Champions League (Men and Women's), La Liga, and Premier League.

With real-life match data from Opta and real-time animations resulting from the analyses of 180 football games from the top 2 championships (Premier League and Spanish "La Liga") and UEFA Champions League (including the Women's Champions League), many things change, resulting in the new feature "PlayStyles" and more than 1,200 Run Styles. HyperMotion V orchestrates players' movements both independently and collectively. Its ultimate aim is to recreate authentic team dynamics by creating PlayStyles and distinctive signature Run Styles drawn from professional football players worldwide. Now, HyperMotion V brings new energy into EA Sports FC 24's gameplay experience!


EA Sports FC 24 promises to capture the beautiful game with unparalleled fidelity, thanks to AcceleRATE 2.0's return. Seven archetypes represent different physiques and playing styles found in today's soccer game - which bodes well for EA Sports FC 24! Additionally, ball physics has been improved along with improvements to AI capabilities and goalkeeper handling - these modifications aim to elevate the overall gameplay experience.

FC 24 PlayStyles and PlayStyles+

EA Sports FC 24's PlayStyles take advantage of HyperMotion V to exude their own individual signature. Playstyles cover passing, shooting, ball control, defending, physical prowess, and goalkeeping. FC 24 PlayStyles in this year's game are meant to add greater individualism on the field and reflect each player's distinctive approach to the game and style of playing. They bear similarities with Traits from earlier iterations; each PlayStyle represents someone's particular way of approaching it all.

For example, one Passing PlayStyle allows Tiki Taka gameplay characterized by fast and accurate short passes. Other PlayStyles in the same category offer fast and direct passes on attackers (Incisive Pass), better crosses (Whipped Pass), and so on.

Block PlayStyles have proven themselves exceptionally efficient when it comes to defense. Notably, Ronald Araujo from Barcelona and Presnel Kimpembe from PSG both boast this ability.

When it comes to ball possession, passing traits stand out prominently. Incisive Pass, in particular, stands out due to how it opens up many options for goal-scoring opportunities; players such as Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Martin Odegaard all sport an Incisive Pass PlayStyle+.

Speed remains key in FIFA and FC 24 is no different - Rapid PlayStyle makes you faster than defenders to outwit them, leaving them trailing behind you as soon as you burst forward! Of the Gold-tier players, Ousmane Dembele, Rafael Leao, Federico Chiesa, and Lauren James possess this exclusive Rapid PlayStyle+ ability.

As it relates to shooting, there has yet to be a dominant meta-strategy in terms of scoring goals from outside of the box. Power Shot holds promise in that regard. Erling Haaland's Power Shot is the golden standard in the game.

One such archetype, Speed Dribbler, provides an unmistakably agile feel that sets itself apart. When used alongside helpful prompts, visual cues appear on-screen that show an impending pass trajectory; adding swerve and spin brings further nuanced aspects of passing dynamics.

Controlled Dribble Sprint offers more intricacy in ball manipulation while Effort Dribble Touch can provide explosive breaks from opposing players in your immediate surroundings.

With Responsive Shooting's introduction, players no longer must wait patiently for animation synchronization before unleashing their shot, providing an immediate and responsive shooting experience. Furthermore, Possession Tackle allows certain players to retain possession after coming out victorious from tackles for faster escape times after emerging victorious.

PlayStyles+ are like the premium top enhancements a player can have and they mirror the "regular" PlayStyles. PlayStyles+ are what make a player, like Italians say a "fuoriclasse," or a superstar.

Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode stands as its finest implementation yet, featuring refined card collecting and team-building experience for maximum creativity and competition. New and old modes, like FUT Champions, Square Building Challenges, Squad Battles, UT Moments, UT Draft, Friendlies, Objectives, and Champions, make for the biggest Ultimate Team known.

Ultimate Team offers one of the most robust and comprehensive experiences yet, continuing the player-linking system introduced last season. The user experience has been improved significantly with more intuitive searching capabilities and upgradeable cards (similar to NBA 2K MyTeam mode). The last ones may be upgraded by meeting certain objectives. 

Game Modes

EA Sports FC 24 offers a diverse array of game modes to cater to players of all preferences.

Starting with "Kick Off," this mode serves as a casual playground for quick matches against CPU or friends, allowing you to choose from a wide range of teams and even delve into more competitive aspects by tracking stats or changing match types. "Ultimate Team" is the crown jewel, where you assemble your dream squad by acquiring players through the transfer market or packs, while online and offline matches, objectives, and challenges help you earn coins and players.

"Career Mode" offers both player and manager careers for a lifelong football journey in EA Sports FC 24. "Clubs" (formerly Pro Clubs) enable the creation of a Virtual Pro player, participating in 11 vs. 11 matches alongside friends and online players, leveling up, and gaining XP to enhance your Virtual Player.

"Volta Football" takes us to street football and futsal. In "Skill Games," you can hone specific maneuvers, competing with friends on leaderboards, while the "Practice Arena" allows free training to improve dribbling, shooting, and goalkeeping skills. The "Training Centre" provides a chapter-based progression system to enhance your gameplay skills.

"Seasons" offers both online and co-op play, where you compete with your favorite team against others, earning points to climb divisions or play alongside a friend in "Co-Op Seasons." "Tournaments" offers custom and real-world football tournaments, including the UEFA Champions League and CONMEBOL Libertadores, as well as the Women's International Cup. Lastly, "Online Friendlies" adds an additional layer of competition. With these diverse game modes, EA Sports FC 24 ensures that there's something for every football enthusiast.


EA Sports FC 24 may seem like an incremental release but it's in fact revolutionary. Building on the success of previous installments with new features like HyperMotion V and PlayStyles, EA Sports FC 24 is the most realistic, immersive, and engaging experience so far. Visually it stands out as the finest entry in the franchise with a well-executed menu redesign and extensive content available - truly making EA Sports FC 24 an all-encompassing FIFA game to date.


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