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F1 2019 Anniversary Edition PS4 PS5

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Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Subtitles: English, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish

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F1 2019 Anniversary Edition PS4 PS5

The official videogame of the 2019 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, F1 2019 gives you the amazing opportunity to fight and defeat the most fearful enemies in a professional race.


The experience that F1 2019 proposes includes some amazing details like never before. The circuits and the tracks are fantastic and bring you to a level of realism just hard to imagine. All players that in 2018 never made it to the final, are now available. The sound and the visuals are so important, so the producers thought about that and improved them, and also the upgraded F1 broadcast sound that is now aligned with the vision of my team.


Choose your ride and enjoy the vibe of the track with any vehicle that you desire and customize it to reflect your image better. Beware though, in that final moment when you want to put the mirror to face your thoughts; it might be inaccurate or actually wrong. Be the first to look not only at the car but also look for signs inside yourself and try to make peace within, so that the peace with the outer world can be accomplished.


George Russell, Lando Norris, and Alexander Albon come along your race and are joining from the F2 season to make you once again experience the joy and the adrenaline of this professional insane and elegant battle. 


We live in an era of speed and lights. Everything happens fast and it has a great impact on human beings. We are constantly engaged by something from outside, we are watching a screen, or listening to some noise, we focus on communication and interaction, we are permanently connected through social media. When something bad happens, we find someone to blame, reach out for help or call a friend. The universe of communication has made it so difficult to make us turn to the inner self, to try and take a break from everything and think for ourselves, listen and be aware of our minds and souls and listen to our bodies.


F1 2019 race weekend features all the official teams, drivers and all 21 circuits from 2019 and gives you the chance to feel ecstatic and at the same time find yourself through racing, focusing, handling, speeding or slowing at the right time.


Online connection required to download the final F1 teams’ 2019 cars (as applicable) and F2 2019 season content.

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