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F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition Xbox Series X|S Xbox One

Compete Against the Best Professional Racing Drivers in the World
Looking forward to playing the most extensive and comprehensive F1® game on Xbox to ever be released? Well, F1® 2020 provides players with the opportunity to put themselves at the wheel of a realistic F1® car and compete against the best professional racing drivers in the world. You can now for the first time create and build your very own F1® racing team, design a driver in your own image, make a contract with an engine supplier of your choice, arrange sponsorship, pick the ideal teammate to race alongside you, so your unique team can compete as the 11th team on the grid. Establish your team facilities and develop your crew and tech over time as you steer your way to the top. The Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1® 2020 gives you access to 4 of Schumacher's iconic cars, the car that he made his debut in The Jordan 191 from Spa back in 1991, His two Championship winning Benetton cars, the B194, and the B195, and that legendary Ferrari F1-2000, all are only available to owners of the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1® 2020, add to that the exclusive themed liveries for his cars, unique driver customization options and his iconic podium celebration.

F1® 2020 Features

  • You can now customize the path of your ten-year career mode, with different options when it comes to your F2™ Championship introduction and varying season lengths that make the whole experience more enjoyable over multiple seasons throughout your career.
  • The introduction of a split-screen racing and a new steering assist make for a more accessible race experience which means that you can enjoy the game with your friends no matter what your level of skill.
  • F1® 2020 has all the official racing teams, drivers, and an incredible 22 testing circuits, which now includes two brand-new competitions at Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort.
  • There is a New Casual race options for a more relaxed racing experience.
  • New Shorter seasons with ten, sixteen, or the full twenty-two races to compete in.
  • The acclaimed ten-year career mode, with loads of new ways to race with Time Trial, Grand Prix Mode, Championships and re-watch your highlights, and relive the glory from your automated saves.
  • As for the Esports, there is an in-game area, where you will find online qualification events the latest news, and watch the new F1® Esports Challenger and Pro Series events, or complete online in Multiplayer, Ranked and Unranked events or Leagues, Don Customizable Liveries for Weekly Competitions.

Dynamic Weather and the Ever-Evolving Track Conditions
Codemasters have gone from strength to strength with this current version of the F1® franchise, and it really feels like this is a genuine welcoming consolidation of everything that has gone before, the dynamic weather and the ever-evolving track conditions enhance the realism of the gameplay and the stunning race graphics only add to that experience. The upgrading of the UI brings you closer to real-life racing. With set-ups that mean that the game can be played casually by either veterans of the franchise or complete rookies, and the opportunity to put on the helmet of a man that has been regularly described as the greatest racing driver ever, feel the power and handling of his iconic cars as you take them round some of the world's most legendary tracks.

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